Cost of Living in Canada- Student Expenses, Accommodation, Travel Cost

Cost of Living in Canada

The country of Canada is not just prominent for its enthralling natural beauty and its multiracial cities, but also for the brilliant enlightening organizations. Topics Covered Under Article : Cost of Living in Canada | Accommodation Cost in Canada | Cost of Studying in Canada | How Expensive is Canada | Cost of Living in Ontario | Cost of Living in Alberta | Cost of Living in Calgary .

The Canadian universities are known for offering aextensiveassortment of courses with slightereducation fees, making the cost of living in Canada for Filipino students affordable.

With a decent cost of incarnate and abundant short-term courses, Canada is one of the preferred study terminuses for most intercontinental students. As per the examination by the Canadian Bureau for International Education in 2018, the 3 protuberant reasons which fascinate a large number of students to study in Canada are its status as a safe country -78%, Non-discriminatory society – 79%, and Quality education system- 82%.

Cost of Living in Canada

Accommodation Cost in Canada

Check Accommodation Cost in Canada Here .Most intercontinental students in Canada live on-campus in their initially year where students are asked to share their accommodations with a cotenant while distribution the laundry room, kitchen and social area with other students. 

The cost of living in Canada for on-campus accommodation ranges between CAD $3900 and $7600 per year and fluctuatescontingent on the region you choose to study in.

  • The University of Toronto which houses over 20,000 intercontinental students, guesstimates the on-campus accommodation cost for an intercontinental student to be somewhere between CAD $1,080 and $2,982.
  • The University of Montreal costs  CAD $550 per month for international students on-campus accommodation. In addition, the city of Montreal recently ranked 5th for best study terminus for intercontinental students in the world.

Soon after the first year, where they get rummage-sale to the country and its people, the intercontinental students in Canada usually opt for off-campus accommodation; sharing an apartment or dynasty with their chums to protect the accommodation cost. 

The Charge price fluctuates from city to city. Greater cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary are the most luxurious to live in Canada. Hence, for off-campus accommodation, an intercontinental student must occupyamid CAD $750 and $2200 per month.

There are various possibilities for intercontinental students to sojourn delightfully in Canada. From incarnate with congregation families to the university dwellings to leasing apartments, intercontinental students can pick a style of accommodation that unsurpassed hysterics their lifestyle. That’s it in Accommodation Cost in Canada.

Cost of Studying in Canada – Tuition Fees in Canada

Read Cost of Studying in Canada here .Tuition fee on Canadian Universities is comparatively delighter in comparison to most developed countries. 

As per the data from the academic year 2018/2019, the middling education fee for apprentice apprentices (intercontinental students) was just around CAD $28,000. Besides, intercontinental students in Canada are allowed to exertion up to 20 and 40 hours/week on study interval and holiday period, respectively. That’s it in Cost of Studying in Canada . Check Costing Cable Below.

Field of study Undergraduate (CA$)Graduate (CA$)
Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies$25,127$14,737
Social and Behavioural Sciences$27,647$15,032
Law, Legal Professions and Studies$33,192$17,237
Business Management and Public Administration$26,680$24,693
Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies$31,536$15,421
Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences$33,012$16,647
Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation$26,208$14,452
Veterinary Medicine$63,323$10,099

Public Transportation Costs in Canada

While students corporeal closer to their enlightening organization prefer to commute by walk, folks staying farther away from the cities such as Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto, prefer commuting via either Metro or Bus.

The monthly train passes range between CAD $80 and $110, but students with legal identification postcards could get a reduction on the train pass.Health Insurance Costs in Canada

All intercontinental students, irrespective of which country they study in, are required to retain a health insurance cover. Medical treatment for intercontinental students in Canada varies from one city to another. 

The two substantialdisunions of medical health concealment in Canada are Provincial Health Care & Private Health Insurance.

  • The provincial medical health care system comprises essential preventive and emergency services. All international students studying in Canada with a study visa, are /entitled for availing this provincial health care card to access the services when required.
  • Intercontinental students can also opt for sequestered health insurance which has many supplementary advantages than regional health care. The amenitiesencompassed in the Private health insurance are private hospital rooms, ambulance services, dental costs, and prescription drugs.

The mediocre amount of private health insurance in Canada varietiesamong CAD $660 and $1700.

To distinguish more about studying in Canada, fill in the inquiry form, and our proficient counsellors will influence out to you very soon.

We wish that you accomplish your study overseas dreams sooner, and we are here to escort you step by step for it. Stay safe, stay connected!

How Expensive is Canada?

Cost of Studying in Canada
Cost of Studying in Canada

Universal healthcare, a socially broadminded government, a reputation for compassion and geography impeccable for hikers, skiers, sailors, photographers and urbanites alike. It’s tranquil to see why so many people from everywhere the world have deliberated moving to Canada. As Mostly Students know that how Expensive is Canada .

If you’re between those who have unambiguous to take the plummet, one of the initiallystages is guessing how much it will total to move, and how abundant it will cost to live once you get there.

This attendant will stride you through everything you need to know about the cost of living in Canada, so you’re equipped to resolve down in any of the country’s six time zones.

Whether you’re reticent, momentarily relocating or poignant to Canada for virtuous, using a service like Wise could help you condense your inclusive costs. Now you can send, receive and establish your currency transnationally, without cumbersome fees. That’s it in How Expensive is Canada . check more Topics below.

What are the most luxurious and cheapest major cities?

Cities across Canada can vary extensively in how luxurious they are. The subsequent table lists the top five most luxurious cities to live in Canada.²

  1. Vancouver, British Columbia
  2. Toronto, Ontario
  3. Montreal, Quebec
  4. Calgary, Alberta
  5. Ottawa, Ontario

Cost of Living in Canada: Provinces and Cities

The price of living in Canada fluctuates, and as such is ainfluence of where you resolve to reside or resolve. An individual living in a major Canadian city will not experience the same expenditures as someone else residing in the isolated countryside.

In the identical manner, the cost of living in Canada depends on how you are able to rapidlyacclimate and familiarize yourself with your novel home. You would need to work and live within your revenues, hence the requirement for a budget.

This assistant is designed to put you at a vantage condition while decisive which province, city, region or territory hysterics your lifestyle or one where you can give to live cheerfully.

We offer you comprehensive information on each of the twelve Canadian provinces and territories in expressions of their cost of incarnate, to help you make ancognizant decision in your choice of dwelling or location.

Rent and Housing Cost in Canada

The budget of buying a house or renting a home in Canada be contingent on the size of the house, location, age of the house, and illness of the house or bedsit. The cost fluctuates from sphere to jurisdiction, and city to city.

Renting Apartments in Canada

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) through its annual explosion, gives the middling rent in Canada for each year. Based on this report, rent costs are higher in urban areas associated to less inhabited or established areas.

The middling rent price is $1800 per month and it cuts across Canada. It has been anticipated that this price will continue to increase drastically.

Rents Affordability in Selected Cities

City1 Bed (month) C$2 Bed (month) C$
Saint John’s810890

House Prices based on Major Cities and Provinces

CityAverage House Cost (C$)
Vancouver1, 092,000
ProvinceAverage House Cost (C$)
British Columbia730,000
Nova Scotia249,000
New Foundland and Labrador246,000
Prince Edward island230,000
New Brunswick178,000

Cost of Living in Ontario, Canada

Check Cost of Living in Ontario here .Voluminous people reflect Canada as the best country to live in. However, the budget of living there may vary depending on the province, region, city or even the area in which you live. Therefore, it is very important to study and compare the costs for each city that you shortlist to live in Canada. If Ontario is on your list, then you are evaluating the right article.

There are various influences to consider while calculating the affordability of a city. In this commentary, we will talk about the cost of living in Ontario in 2022.

Cost of Living in Ontario
Cost of Studying in Canada

Housing Cost

Real estate prices & rents in Ontario province differ according to city. The price of an apartment or house in Toronto is different from similar properties in Oshawa, Hamilton and Ottawa. Due to many financial and financial factors and government policies, these prices alter every year.

The cost of renting a house in Ontario depends on the house size, site and condition of the house.

The middling monthly rent of a one-bedroom studio in the city centre comes up to $1,718. The same flat outside the city centre costs $1,683 per month.

If you plan to acquisition a house in Ontario, you may have to pay $5,640 per square cadence to buy anroom in the city centre and $5,426 per square meter if you buy one in the conurbations.

learn about the inexpensive places to live in Ontario.

Transportation Cost

Toronto’s public transportation system comprises buses, trams, and subways. GO Transit operates traveler buses and trains in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). However, the intact public transportation system is accomplished by Toronto Road Traffic Commission (TTC).

You can pay the transportation subscriptions with a Presto card, which mechanically collects tolls on public transportation in Ontario (Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa).

In 2022, you may have to pay the given charges for using public transport in Ontario:

  • Local Transport one-way ticket: $3.03
  • Monthly Pass: $75.00
  • Taxi Start: $2.80
  • Taxi 1km: $1.86
  • Taxi 1hour Waiting – $25.00
  • Presto adult fare: $3.10
  • Presto one-ride ticket: $3.25
  • Presto two-ride ticket: $6.50
  • Presto day pass: $13.50
  • Monthly TTC pass (adults): $156.00
  • Monthly TTC pass (students and seniors): $128.15

And a litre of Gasoline can cost you around $0.88.

Food cost

The Coronavirus pandemic has ominously squeezed living expenditures across the globe. Provisions and food prices have amplified due to supply scarcities and movement limitations. According to Nutritious Food Basket Calculator, an adult male in Toronto, Ontario has to spend $65 per week to guzzle healthy food. And a woman of the same age has to spend $50 per week for eating healthily.

Furthermore, you may have to reimbursement the following prices if you eat freestanding the home:

  • Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course – $85.00
  • Combo meals at McDonalds – $9.00
  • Domestic Beer (0.5 litre draught)- $4.99
  • Imported Beer (0.33 litre bottle) – $9.00
  • Regular Cappuccino – $4.38
  • Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre bottle) – $1.94
  • Water (0.33 litre bottle) – $1.47

Entertainment Cost

The pandemic has also changed the description of showbiz for us. Movies and events have incorporated the OTT frame, and all that we do in the name of entertainment is ‘Netflix.’ A mainstream of grownups in Ontario likely pay for one or more OTT platforms, residing indoors. Thus, we give you anmiddling cost of these subscriptions that will count as your entertainment expenses in the city:

  • Netflix subscription (standard): $14.99/month
  • Apple TV+: $5.99/month
  • Disney+: $11.99/month
  • Crave: $9.99/month
  • Amazon Prime Video: $7.99/month
  • Apple Music/Spotify subscription: $9.99/month

Healthcare Cost

Like many other countries, healthcare in Canada is enclosed under the country’s tax organization. So you don’t pay any fee for the healthcare amenities. But, the free healthcare system is presently available only to Canadian citizens and those with a Canadian PR.

Education Cost

In Ontario, Government-funded schools deliver free education to children up to 18 years. However, you have to pay to send your child to a private school. A private preschool may responsibility you a monthly fee of $717 per child.

The college teaching fees in Ontario diverge from college to college and program to program. In 2019-20, students registered full-time, paid an average of $6463 for apprentice programs and $7,056 for alumna programs.


Basic electricity, heating, cooling, water consumption and garbage organization can cost you $167 per month.

The unrestrained data plan and high-speed internet are the salvations of millennial, and the work-from-home setup has put these incidentals on top of the convenience bills. The intensification in demand and consumption has contributed to the increase in their expenses. An unrestricted data plan from any service provider will cost you around $70 per month. this is it Cost of Living in Ontario .

Cost of Living in Alberta, Canada

Check Cost of Living in Alberta Canada here .A major sponsor to Alberta’s economy is its flourishing Energy industry, which interpretations for nearly every 1-2 out of 16 jobs. Known as “Canada’s energy province,” it is recognized worldwide for its incursion of economic occasions and high living standards. Forestry is supplementary important industry, fetching in a net revenue of around 6 billion annually. We will look at two of Alberta’s most widespreadmetropolises and how much it costs to live in them.

Cost of Living in Calgary 

Check Cost of Living in Calgary, Alberta’s largest city, act as the headquarters of the country’s petroleum industry. It also accommodates to numerous other industries such as banking, finance, and insurance. It was known as the cattle-ranching capital, so much so that it expanded a long-standing repute as a “cow town.” It was categorized as the 5th most loveable city in the world acc. to the Economist Intelligence Unit from 2009-2017. So, what’s the cost of living in Calgary?

Rent – The Most momentous Cost of Living in Calgary

Like any other pluralistic, location and mandate play a major consequence in influential rental value. Associated to its crowded counterparts, Toronto and Vancouver, Calgary offers judiciouslyinexpensive rental and housing rates, with prices at relatively low levels

A studio apartment outside the City centre can range between $800-$1,000 with an average of $959.26. The same apartment with a similar type and model in the city’s centre can range b/w $996-$1,499 with an standard of $1,207.37. A full month’s deposit is standard for all living wages.

A 3-Bed rental property in the city averages between $1,500-$2,000 and is often higher when looking in the Northwest and Southwest areas. If one is willing to set up long-term roots, average house prices range between $420,000 – 490,000.

Utilizations such as stove, dishwasher and fridge are often included in Apartment leases. Most studios also provide shared washingaccommodations and compriseconveniences such as heat and hot aquatic in their rent.

Condos often also provide conveniences such as receiver and internet, which is included in total rent.

2.                    Grocery: Cost of Living in Alberta

Monthly expenditures on groceries and consignments entail informations that tend to fluctuate from one individual to another. Numerousinfluences such as superiority of food (i.e., fresh, organic, or processed), cravingmagnitude consumption, and the quantity of people to be nourished come into play.

Incidentals for a family of 2 adults can range from $450 – $650 per month. A ‘Calgarian’ on mediocre would spend around $200-$300 per month on consignments. Cooking most meals, planning and staying a supermarket once every week help emphasis on what is desirable and staying within the modest.

Groceries, predominantly those such as kernel and dairy products, tend to be higher than the middling. A meal at a mid-range restaurant can often entail great value with minimal expense. Therefore it is common for many not to view it as a luxury and frivolous option.

Consuming red flag deals as well as Canadian coupon situates can help save a lot of money.

3.                    Factoring in Transport for Cost of Living in Calgary

Obligating a car often obliges as a much more tangible alternative. The public transport system isn’t as extensive and prevalent as compared to the other Canadian cities.

A monthly pass at an average of $103 is a prodigious value. Separate train and bus fares cost around $3 per journey. C-Train is often a fine option for downtown stops.

Uber services are easily accessible. Car hire and rental services like Car2Go are also accessible. Mutual cars for short distances often work out a better alternative in terms of cost and efficiency.

4.                    What about Utilities?

The cost for conveniences is prejudiced by how ancient the house is, its proficiency and individual usage.

A leasing space of around 1,000 sq. ft or more for 2 people can make one occupy around $150-$200 per month on conveniences in summer and around $250-$300 per month in winter, contingent on how high the heat is.

Diminishing water usage, remembering to opportunity off lights when not in procedure and not overloading appliances can help save money. The older the device, the additional power and electricity it will drain since the string’soperational capacity diminishes over time. Authorizing go of older appliances such as older PCs and fridges can save a lot of money but cut off at least $20 per month. Switching air conditioning usage with ceiling fan usage for half of the time and using energy star appliances can also go a long way.

Cost of Living in Nova Scotia & New Brunswick, Canada

In New Brunswick and Nova-Scotia, citizens can stay a happy lifestyles with aunassertive earnings because the fee of dwelling in those towns is low, in fact, the bottom in Canada. The slightest wages are for New Brunswick is CAD 10.30/hr. The town has the very best commencement price in Canada. It has legit languages – English and French. In Nova Scotia, the fee of dwelling is pretty low however training is costly. The undergraduate training price is the very best at Nova-Scotia Universities in Canada while related to different provinces.

Accommodation Costs in New Brunswick and Nova-Scotia

For Short Term Stay

Type of AccommodationPrice Range (CAD)/night
Nova ScotiaNew Brunswick
Hotels90 to 44965 to 130
Bed & Breakfast56 to 35934 to 147
Hostels31 to 7548 to 99

For lengthy Stay

Type of AccommodationPrice Range (CAD)/month
Nova ScotiaNew Brunswick
Homestay500 to 950520 to 900
Residence700 to 3500550 to 3200
Rented Apartment525 to 2240450 to 2100

Living in Canada in New Brunswick or Nova-Scotia as mentioned before is cheaper as rents are severely lower than other provinces.  

Food Expenses in New Brunswick and Nova-Scotia

EstimatedRates (CAD)
Nova ScotiaNew Brunswick
Alcoholic beverages800 (Monthly)750 (Monthly)
Mid-range restaurant three-course meal55 (Three-course meal)55 (Three-course meal)
Grocery (vegetables & fruits)70.38 (per Kg)69.50 (per Kg)
Milk2.33 (Per Liter)2.30 (Per Liter)
Water1.50 (1.5 liter bottle)1.30 (1.5 liter bottle)

Transportation Charges in New Brunswick and Nova-Scotia

Mode of TransportAdult Charges (CAD)
Nova ScotiaNew Brunswick
Local Transport (One-way ticket)2.62
Monthly Pass217.3980.00
Normal Taxi Tariff4.507.00
Normal Taxi Tariff for 1km1.701.00
Normal Taxi Tariff for 1 hour32.5060.00

Healthcare Charges in New Brunswick and Nova-Scotia

Healthcare in Canada is publically funded with the aid of using collectively the centralized and provincial governments. Students can follow for the Nova Scotia Health Card as quickly as they come in Canada. They also can follow for non-public healthcare coverage in their own. Nova Scotia’s Medical Service Insurance is the provincial plan and will pay for the price of:-

• Medically required doctors’ services

• Some dental and optometric services

 • The physician referred expert visits

 • Certain medical institution in-affected person and out-affected person services

Cost of Living in Quebec, Canada

Quebec is Canada’s largest province with a multiethnic populace and is popularly predictable as “Europe of North America”. This province has the cheapest and protuberant instructional machine in North America. The CEGEP machine of Quebec hints loose pre-college and vocational applications to make education universally reachable. The common every year lessons rate paid via way of means of a pupil of Quebec is the bottom in Canada. This makes Quebec the pleasant vicinity for the scholars to pursue their studies. Additionally, the less expensive housing marketplace in Quebec makes it plenty less difficult for the scholars to finish their training and form their careers.

Accommodation Costs in Quebec

For Short Term Stay

Accommodation TypePrice Range (CAD)/per night
Hotels60 to 220
Bed and Breakfast stay30 to 120
Hostel15 to 30

For Long Term Stay            

Accommodation TypePrice Range (CAD)
Homestay450 to 900 per month
Residence/Dormitory2,000 to 6,000 per year
Rented Apartment500 to 1,500 per month

Quebec has been one of the most reasonably priced cities in Canada offers some of the finest housing deals. On standard, the buying price of houses in Quebec City costs around CAD 2,495 per square meter. Housing rents in Quebec City are inferior than in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Accommodation TypeAverage Monthly Rent (CAD)
1 Bedroom666
2 Bedrooms788
3 Bedrooms930

Food Expenses in Quebec

Food ArticlesRates (CAD)
Non-alcoholic beverages1.88 (0.33-liter bottle)
Alcoholic beverages24
Mid-range restaurants (for 2 people)60
Grocery (vegetables, fruits, eggs, rice, cheese, chicken, beef)68 – 70 (per kg)
A loaf of Bread3.44
Milk2.30/ Liter
Water2.15 (0.5-liter bottle)

Quebec is known for its tasty delicacies and little inexpensive cafes with a high-end restaurant menu. You will get the top meal at the most reasonably priced cost.

Transportation Charges in Quebec


The city has a 4 lines metro network with 69 metro stations which will assist you cover the city quite contentedly. You can select to travel by bus as well as these are without doubt available 24X7.

Mode of Transport – BusAdult Charges (CAD)
Monthly Pass82 (Opus Card)
Weekly Pass25.50 (Opus Card)
Single Trip3.25

Quebec City

The city has local buses and taxis as public transport. However, those who prefer private transport may choose for rental cars, motorcycles, or cycles, etc.

Mode of Transport – BusAdult Charges (CAD)
One-Way Ticket (Bus)3.38
Monthly Pass86.50

Healthcare Charges in Quebec

Students are advocated to arrange a fitness and hospitalization plan legitimate in Canada. Students also can get sheltered of their CEGEP’s Group Health and Hospitalization Insurance Plan for Intercontinental Students. CEGEPs does now no longer consent any overseas fitness coverage. The predictable annual rate for enrolment withinside the Group Health and Hospitalization Insurance Plan is CAD 936. For foreign places college students, the coverage is operative 15 days previous to the origination of this system and 15 days after this system completes. The coverage is powerful 24X7 in Canada. It stays legitimate despite the fact that the scholar remains briefly out of Canada.

 Cost of Living in Saskatchewan, Canada

The value of dwelling in Saskatchewan is inferior than in different components of Canada, so the value of chartering a one-bed room condo in Saskatoon and Regina is $ 800 and $ 950, respectively. You should pay $ 2200 to lease the identical unit in Toronto. You will should recompense around $ 340,000 to shop for a bungalow in Saskatoon, in case you want about $ 1.five million to shop for the identical residence in Vancouver.

In standings of income tax, Saskatchewan has the lowermost income tax price in Canada with its 6% tax price. This numeral will fall to 11% with a five% country wide tax, that’s substantially decrease than provinces together with Quebec, New Brunswick, etc., all of that have as a minimum a 15% income tax. Another concern associated to the value of dwelling in Saskatchewan is the value of education. Clans pay no education costs for his or her youngsters to seem public schools. In accumulation, in step with a plan in Saskatchewan, college students can help from a $ 20,000 bargain to observe on the jurisdiction’s universities.

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