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California State University, Fresno was recognized in 1911 as Fresno State Normal School. Charles Lourie McLane was chosen as the institution’s first president. It was retitled as Fresno State College in 1949 and moved to its permanent site in 1956. Fresno state civil engg .

The university was given its present name in 1972. Currently, the university holds the authorization of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Its engineering sequencers are accepted by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, while its business programs are approved by the AACSB.

Fresno state Civil Engg

Located in Fresno, California, the university’s campus is spread across 388 acres sideways with the university farm covering 1,011 acres. The campus has a hi-tech infrastructure and delivers scholars with a number of facilities. The academic amenities given by the campus comprise a huge library, hi-tech computer labs, spacious schoolrooms, a bookstore, and several study parts.

The students also have numerous choices for dining, with numerous cafeterias and restaurants dotting the campus like Starbucks, Taco Bell Express, Subway, etc. Also academic and dining amenities, the campus offers contented accommodation and facilities for various sports like swimming, racquetball, weight-lifting, table tennis, athletics, etc.

Fresno state civil engg

The university includes eight schools and colleges that proposal a range of doctoral, graduate, and scholar programs in numerous areas of education such as agriculture, anthropology, arts, design, business, sciences, communication, computer science, engineering, environment, reporting, etc. The university has over 25341 students and more than 2,500 staff associates.

The university offers a plethora of career services to its scholars like career counseling, interview preparation, and resume growth. It makes every effort to present its scholars with outstanding job and internship chances and encourage them to achieve their goals.

The university has over 2, 00,000 alumni including numerous notable people. Lee P. Brown has served as the mayor of Houston and as New York and Atlanta police commissioner. Cruz Bustamante used to serve as lieutenant governor of California. David Carr is a famous football player who used to play in the National Football League (NFL). Trent Dilfer was a quarterback who won the 2001 Super Bowl and works at ESPN as an NFL analyst.

Kenny Guinn helped as Nevada’s two-term governor. Rick Husband is a fruitful astronaut who served as the mission leader in Space Shuttle Columbia STS107. Ashley Swearengin was Fresno’s mayor and is currently the CEO and president of the Central Valley Community Foundation. The university is related with several other distinguished personalities.

California State University—Fresno is a public institution that was originated in 1911. It has a total scholar enrollment of 22,611 (fall 2020), its setting is urban, and the campus size is 363 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. California State University—Fresno’s place in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #213. Its in-state tuition and fees are $6,651; out-of-state tuition and fees are $12,789.

California State University—Fresno is situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada range in the middle of the state. Although the university, commonly known as Fresno State, began as a teachers college, it now proposals bachelor’s degrees in more than 60 areas of education.

Graduate scholars can choose from more than 40 master’s degree programs, including those in the Craig School of Business. Outside the classroom, numerous Fresno State students take in the natural beauty of the site and surrounding region, including the San Joaquin Valley, as well as Yosemite National Park, which is only about 60 miles away.

Students at Fresno State can also devote a weekend exploring the city life of San Francisco and Los Angeles, which are each about 200 miles from campus. The city of Fresno has much to proposal as well, such as theaters, malls, and restaurants. On campus, Fresno State students can join more than 200 organizations and play for the Fresno State Bulldogs varsity sports teams, which contest in the NCAA Division I Mountain West Conference.

Civil Engineering Program

The Civil Engineering Program is share of the Civil and Geomatics Engineering Department in the Lyles College of Engineering at Fresno State. We offer Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s of Science degrees in Civil Engineering. The Civil Engineering program is accredited by ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) which represents the major professional engineering groups in the United States.

Civil Engineering includes the research, development, planning, design, construction, and maintenance associated with urban development, water supply, structures, energy generation and transmission, water treatment and disposal, and transportation systems.

Civil engineers deal with the analysis, design, construction, function and safety of complex structures and systems including buildings, bridges, dams, pipelines, highways, and harbors, and is worried with the protection of the public against natural hazards of earthquakes, floods, landslides, and fires.


The Civil Engineering Program at California State University Fresno, Fresno CA, strives to provide high excellence education required for scholars to fully develop their professional makings and skills as civil engineering, and to grow their personal potential to the greatest degree likely to serve the Central Valley and society at large.

The next cohort of civil engineers faces unparalleled global challenges; from learning to design and plan infrastructures, a trainee civil engineer must, amongst many things, understand the basics of social & environmental sustainability; must manage & mitigate risks; must understand scheme economics; and so forth.

Keeping these challenges in mind the CE prospectus at Fresno State is designed to fit the current needs of the field by equipping its graduates with the knowledge, tools and skills required to be successful jobwise in an increasingly competitive work environment.

The Program is pleased that the alumnae have in fact gone on to effort in a wide range of jobs, locally, nationally, and globally, with the government, private consulting companies, and main industries.

The CE Program proposals four major areas of concentration: Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Transportation Engineering. 

The Program’s knowledgeable and experienced group of faculty memberships continues to deliver and equip scholars with current state-of-art knowledge and hand-on empirical learning and research chances, with a singular objective in mind: Student Success. That achievement is defined by scholars achieving following Educational Objectives (EO):

  • Technical Aptitude
  • Life-Long Development
  • Collaborative Spirit
  • Professional Advancement

As the only and primary expert engineering program in the Central Valley, the CE Program proposals education leading to the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (B.S.C.E.), Master of Science in Civil Engineering (M.S.C.E.), and Master of Science in Civil Engineering with Option in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (M.S.C.E. – WREE).

The Package has enjoyed a period of rapid and exciting growth in new years. The currently eight full-time tenured/tenure-tracked faculty memberships and seven lecturers/teachers serve 400+ undergraduates (Fall 2013). This student-to-faculty ratio of about 28 fosters a learning setting that encourages interaction and collaborative efforts.

We are very happy that you are reviewing our website! We confidence that you will become more interested in the Program and the chance we offer. Free feel to contact us by email or by phone. We will be happy to response whatsoever questions you might have and to meet with you when you visit the campus.

Contact Information:

Dr. Fayzul Pasha, Ph.D., P.E.
Program Coordinator, Civil Engineering Program

Dr. William Wright, Ph.D., P.E.
Graduate Program Coordinator, Civil Engineering Program

California State University–Fresno Admissions

California State University–Fresno admissions is discerning with an acceptance rate of 90%. Half the candidates admitted to California State University–Fresno have an SAT notch between 890 and 1100 or an ACT score of 16 and 21. Though, one quarter of self-confessed applicants achieved scores overhead these ranges and one quarter scored below these ranges. The application deadline is Nov. 30 and the request fee at California State University–Fresno is $70

Academic Life at California State University–Fresno

The student-faculty ratio at California State University–Fresno is 24:1, and the university has 14.4% of its lessons with fewer than 20 scholars.

The most popular officers at California State University–Fresno comprise: Business, Organization, Marketing, and Connected Support Services; Health Professions and Related Programs; Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities; Psychology; Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting and Related Protective Facilities; Agricultural/Animal/Plant/Veterinary Science and Related Fields; Social Sciences; Parks, Recreation, Leisure, Fitness, and Kinesiology; Engineering; and Communiqué, Journalism, and Related Programs.

The average freshman retention rate, an indicator of student satisfaction, is 83%

Student Life at California State University–Fresno

California State University–Fresno has a total scholar enrolment of 22,611 (fall 2020), with a gender delivery of 41% male students and 59% female scholars. At this school, 1% of the scholars live in college-owned, -operated or -affiliated housing and 99% of students live off campus. In sports, California State University–Fresno is parts of the NCAA I.

California State University–Fresno Campus

California State University–Fresno proposals a number of scholar services, counting nonremedial tutoring, women’s center, day care, health service, health insurance. California State University–Fresno too proposals campus safety and security services like 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols, late night transport/escort facility, 24-hour emergency telephones, lighted pathways/sidewalks, student patrols, skilful dormitory access (key, security card, etc.).

Of the scholars at California State University–Fresno, 3% have cars on campus. Alcohol is permitted for scholars of legal age at California State University–Fresno

Jobs and placements

The middle earning six years after graduation originates to around $40000. Most scholars find the career expansion center helpful. The graduates network is as diverse and strong as it can get. However, if you want to be closer to Silicon Valley headquarters of Apple, Google, Facebook; then California State University, San Jose is the school for you. The best practice is to always compare ‘placements’ with the ‘fees’ and the ‘cost of living’ in a particular setting. Best places may come with a advanced cost!

Civil engineering is a course of 4 years during which a student studies subjects like:

  • Land surveying
  • Material science and engineering
  • Coastal engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Building Technology
  • Structural Analysis & Design
  • Design of Hydraulic Structures
  • Architecture and Town Planning
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Forensic engineering
  • Urban engineering
  • Control engineering

All the highest IITs are the best institutes to pursue civil engineering. This sequence takes 4 years to complete where you also get an plenty amount of on-field practice. After that, any scholar with a zeal to put into use those skills can get a lot of career options. Scholars who want to change the world for the better by means of their information often get good offers. One needs to figure out what work he or she might be able to do with whole passion. After this, they need to enrol in the best option obtainable.

List of Productive Job Options

The five most creative job options that you have after civil Engg. are as follows.

Master in Civil Engineering in UK


Once finished with the 4 years of Civil Engineering you can too brace got with Civil Services. Civil services are a job chance after Civil as you are now aware of the physical structures. Also, having information of structures like roads and bridges will assistance you in your work as a civil servant. You can make plans for the benefit of a city and its outskirts with your public utility structures.

 A lot of civil services candidates prepare and give exams of UPSC and most of them are engineers. The UPSC toppers are also engineers. It might be since most engineers have the capacity to learn a diversity of courses in a short span of time.

There are two stages of the UPSC examination, the first is the Initial and the second is the Mains. Around 1 million scholars give the UPSC examination each year. But only thousands of them are able to crack it as it is one of the world’s most problematic examinations. Civil services are one of the golden chances to bring a change around you. You can bring changes in the city with your information and make the life of people easier.

You can make appropriate changes to achieve traffic and improve public infrastructure. Also, you can help to create green urban constructions, parks, and cycling routes in the city. This can help in making an eco-friendly city area with reduced carbon emissions. It is the most reputed job chance after Civil Engineering.


Everyone wants to be their superior and want their own firm. So after Civil Engineering, you can also go for your individual private construction firm. You can take private and public agreements to build housing as well as commercial buildings. Also, you can take government agreements to build roads, bridges, and dams. 

The sky is the limit when you choose to work as a secluded firm. It is because in this fast-growing world there is continuously a need for construction services to make new infrastructures. Also, one wants to uphold the old ones so that they stay durable for a long time. You strength also get hired to uphold and look after natural constructions like a mountain range. Your job will be to save any collapse during the rainy season season and to rebuild the roads and thoroughfares that wear away due to continuous usage. 

Metro cities need daily building for building metro lines, airports, seaports, and bridges. So your firm might get a big contract worth millions for such gigantic projects. You can hire other civil engineers and interior designers for your firm. You can take their assistance in the construction and designing of strong infrastructures. Also, you can also build housing complexes that are worth crores. These might also earn you a hefty amount of profit for your firm.

All you need is a good information of the building issues and appropriate skills to build robust structures. You must also have the ability to fetch agreements for your firm to make a successful career through your own private firm. Also, this is one of the best selections after Civil Engineering.


Being the citizens of this country, lone a few get the accidental to serve the nation. Indian Armed Forces have three twigs. The Indian Army safeguards the land. Secondly, the Indian Navy to safe naval borders. And lastly, the Indian Air Force to secure airspace. After implementation your B.Tech, joining any one of these forces is a great option.

For the Indian Army, an engineer has to succeed for TGC or SSC tech entry schemes. One has to go finished the SNAES examination for the Indian Navy. For Indian Air Force, one has to qualify for the AFCAT scheme. Civil Causes play a vital role in military services. They are accountable for the planning and construction of the road limits of the country. They also build houses & offices for army people. Also, their job comprises building bunkers during wartime and proper locations on the battlefield.

The regular salary of civil engineers in the Indian Army is 12 lakh per year. Also, they get numerous benefits which could differ with post & responsibilities. After implementation graduation in civil engineering, you get a chance to put in place your skills in the toughest circumstances. Four years of vigorous studies of civil engineering and then tough examination, in the end, are valuable for you to serve your country.


A person with a wish to work with handsome pay should certainly try to get a job in PSUs. The hard work of four years of a civil engineer and then glade the GATE can make your dreams come true. Receiving a job in the government sector such as PSU you essential to get a very good score in the GATE exam. Each year various PSUs hire new graduates finished their GATE score. The PSUs that are best for civil engineers are as follows- 

  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)
  • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC)
  • Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL)
  • Airports Authority of India (AAI)
  • Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL)
  • NLC India Limited (NLC)
  • National Fertilizers Limited (NFL)
  • Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THCD) India Ltd
  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)
  • National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)

 These are some PSUs where one can get an regular annual package of 7-10 lakh. Working in PSUs is a decent & supposed job with pretty good pay. Government jobs have multiple welfares. You have complete job safety, even retirement welfares, and other benefits. Also, you get Dearness Allowance, Bonuses, and Medical benefits. In PSUs, you can really work for public welfare and on big projects. These projects can change the lives of numerous people. Thus, receiving a job in PSUs is a much better option since of the perks & benefits that private subdivisions are unable to give.



This is the most expected time for civil engineers of their college life. Also, it is one of the easiest ways to method the company for the job. Many companies hire fresh graduates because of their skills and high energy.

They search for great zeal near their work in a fresher. Many big businesses hire civil engineers. For example L&T, Reliance Infrastructures, Tata Projects, DMRC, and HCCL. To get into any of the best companies, students need to uphold a good CGPA in college semesters. They also need to prepare for meetings, be part of college clubs, and take part in events. Manager (Piles), Site Engineer, Material Expert are few posts obtainable by Larsen & Toubro.

The regular salary ranges from 7-10 lakh and upsurges with a promotion every year. In DMRC, Civil engineers can get jobs as Executive Engineer & Assistant Engineer with a salary up to 3.25-3.50 lakh. Reliance Substructure offers jobs like civil site engineer, excellence engineer, and construction engineer.

The salary is between 2 -5 Lakh. Scholars get to use their hands-on skills while working with these private corporations. They also learn a lot on-site in their initial years after Civil Engineering. If the scholars work hard during college, then before getting a degree, they get placed in the companies.

California State University


Part-time jobs are the finest ways to earn a side income for extra expenditures or for future savings. A Civil engineer can pursue under stated part-time jobs.

Subject Matter expert

best platform for you. You can sign up as a Subject Matter Expert in Civil engineering subjects. This will assistance you, deep-dive, into research and educational determinations and earn money side by side. You can resolve the queries of scholars studying in schools and colleges. This will assistance you earn a fixed amount of money for all solved query.

Private consulting work

Civil engineers can refer about the construction of homes in the neighborhood. Also, they can charge a appropriate quantity of fee for a consultation.

Map designing

Civil engineers can project maps for homes and commercial buildings in the city. Also, they can charge a exact amount of money as a side income.

Final Thoughts

A Civil Engineer with good skill has ample job chances. Everyone needs a person who can design a faultless structure and then build it. We live in a contemporary world nowadays and we need buildings, roads, and bridges. These structures can support our life and all this is in the pointers of a Civil Engineer. Hence, the need for a Civil Engineer will never get tired as the physical and natural constructions will need a specialist to provision them.

What is the role of Civil Engineer?

The career as civil engineer needs the individual to conceive, design, build, supervise, function, construct and maintain infrastructure projects and schemes in the public and private subdivision, counting roads, buildings, airports, channels, dams, bonds, and systems for water supply and sewage treatment. Scholars can pursue B.Tech in Civil Engineering or BE Civil Engineering to develop a civil engineer. From structure roads to bridges, preparing the public conveyance layout to the construction of the irrigation canals, all is being done by civil engineers.


A civil engineering job needs the engineer to analyze review reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, aerial taking pictures, and other topographical or geologic data to plan projects. The factors stated above are essential to make an apt decision obligatory for the project.


The job of a civil engineer needs him/her to plan and project transportation or hydraulic systems and structures, subsequent construction and government standards, using design software and drawing tools. The planning phase marks the start of the project.


Once the planning stage is completed the civil engineering job needs the engineer to compute load and score wants, water flow rates, and material stress factors to control design stipulations. Based on the design specifications essential materials are chosen.


A civil engineering job needs the engineer to review project sites to monitor progress and safeguard conformance to design specifications and safety or sanitation values. At each step, inspection is did to ensure the quality of work.


A civil manufacturing job requires the engineer to direct construction, operations, and upkeep activities at the project site. Administration and maintenance of numerous operations also fall under the accountability of a civil engineer.


A civil engineering occupation requires the engineer to estimate amounts and cost of materials, equipment, or labor to determine project feasibility. All necessary choices made by the civil engineer are did keeping feasibility insight.

Prepare reports

 A civil engineering job needs the engineer to make or present public reports, such as bid suggestions, deeds, environmental influence statements, and property and right-of-way images. These reports are essential to assist in the decision-making process.

Types of a Civil Engineer

Here, we have deliberated the types of jobs for civil engineers in this section. 

Geotechnical engineer: As a geotechnical engineer, one is obligatory to perform underground mining/ geotechnical engineering doings which include designing, growth, and test duties and errands.

The geotechnical engineers are required to achieve daily interface activities and contribution with planning and execution of subversive mining activities, evaluate and select appropriate methods and events to produce economical and efficient applications, analyze and endorse incorporation of technological advancements in techniques, principles, theories, gear, and utilization, and collaborate with project engineers and organization to determine technical supplies and performance objectives of assigned projects.

Highway engineer: The primary duties of the highway engineer are the review of roadway construction doings and coordination of construction inspection, quality pledge inspections of road, highway, and/or bridge projects, up to and/or counting asphalt, paving, earthwork & landscape, steel, concrete, striping & signage, drainage, traffic switch, road widening, coordination with servicers, other inspectors, surveyors and materials testers as well as certification of the project progress.

A highway engineer is responsible for maintaining precise daily reports of construction site activity, field measurements for development compensations, and can crop required reports on development, safety, quality, agenda, and budget status. They are also obligatory to coordinate with others for certification for contractor progress to pay estimates. do controls to support the technical aspects of the work.

Structural engineer: The mechanical engineers are required to perform seismic and structural engineering responsibilities in planning, designing, construction, and upkeep of building structures and facilities, including the design of steel structures and armour-plated concrete elements; perform structural assessments on existing buildings and deliver retrofit schemes; analyze the dynamic behaviour of buildings; write reports for clients; connect with architects clients, global building owners, and construction teams to establish their needs.

They are also responsible for building analysis, design, detailing, and organization as well as analysis, design, and detailing for concrete substructures, podium levels, and basics. 

Mining engineer: Mining engineers are responsible for safeguarding contractors work safely and break on task and review all completed work and invoices. They are also required to grow mine plans to deliver raw materials for the plant that meet set excellence standards and work with the quarry superintendent to safeguard the mine plans are followed to avoid any disruptions plant and adjust so as needed.

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