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Jobs in Sweden

Many of the students in Norway work part-time jobs to assist cover livelihood everyday expenditure. These jobs are accessible part-time for students who are enrolled in a university program and can show that they are constantly pursuing their degree.

Jobs in Sweden For International Students

EU students do not require a work permit to be able to work in Sweden and students from other countries can be working as long as they have a documented resident rank which is regularly transformed annually. Students should be very lively and attentive as jobs in Sweden are very competitive.

The average salary in Sweden for essential jobs in supermarkets, stores, restaurants, and numerous home service jobs variety from 25,000 SEK and 35,000 SEK. The least amount per hour rate in Sweden is 127 SEK/hour.

Professional service jobs in hospitals, schools, companies, banks earn from 36,000 up to 105,000 SEK. As beforehand mentioned, taxes are very elevated in Sweden at nearly 30% income tax for people in dissimilar tax groups, such that the higher your tax bracket means you’re in a higher tax group.

Currently, with the increase of social media people are eagerly selling their skills and services online. In Sweden now you can use your interests & hobbies (like baking, photography, make-up) to make an actually fine profit.

There are also a variety of fares or service meet-ups that have a lot of events and workshops where you get to work or showcase your ability and skills. These meet-ups serve as a very good avenue to network and take on with employers that are inside your field or in your job radar.

Given below are several tips for finding a part-time job in Sweden as a student comprise:

Learn Swedish: this cannot be over-emphasized, information of even the essential conversations in the language has confirmed to be very supportive. Though many establishments are extremely English-friendly, many doors can unlock for you and keep you a step ahead, from just your Swedish speaking skills.

Just get ongoing no matter how tiny, there are many hourly base jobs accessible, for example, there is a high demand for pre-school teachers and there is small to no official education requisite. Easy English is frequently the only condition for these international preschools.

Weekends, summer and holidays frequently see a strong need for additional hands, so employers are energetically looking for workers these periods and the jobs are lots simple to get.

Why should an international student work in Sweden?

Named Europe’s most innovative country in 2020, Sweden is lauded for its pioneering approaches to Human Resources as well as for its excellence of educational research. Startups are plentiful in Sweden’s rising digital industry, Spotify being maybe the country’s most well-known latest example.

Sweden is consequently a huge place to start your career! When you approach to Sweden, you can aspire to get a part-time job while you study, get precious working experience through an internship and/or look for jobs in the country after you graduate.

Sweden grants international students the correct to work while they study. Though there is no official limit to the amount of hours that you can work during your studies, it’s significant to keep in mind that you’ll be expected to spend about forty hours per week attending lectures, reading, studying, and working on assignments.

If you’re from an EU/EEA country you may continue in Sweden after your studies to hunt for work. If you’re approaching from exterior of the EU/EAA you can relate with the immigration board to stay in Sweden for 1 year after graduation to hunt for work.

How to Locate a Job in Sweden as an International Student

If you don’t converse in Swedish, discovery a job in Sweden while you’re studying overseas can be very much difficult but it is probable. You can utilize job search engines, ensure bulletin boards at your university, network with new students in your student union, and get in contact with global companies who could sight your native language as an advantage to their worldwide expansion.

Sweden work permit: How to apply, costs, documents required

Every foreigner going to Sweden will require to know the type of visa to acquire to live there long-standing. EU/EEA citizens and citizens of neighboring Nordic countries require a valid passport for entrance, and they will want to register with the Swedish Tax Authority upon employment. If you are not a part of these countries, you will also want to know about temporary and everlasting residence permits in Sweden, the documents necessary for a work permit, the cost of a self-employment visa, or how to apply for a visa if you are a trained worker.

international student work in Sweden

The very first thing to identify about Swedish visas is that if you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, you cannot be in the country when you apply. EU/EEA citizens have the right of residence in Sweden and therefore can shift to the country with or without a job. Though, they will require to begin the Swedish visa application procedure if they prepare to reside in the country long-standing. People of other Nordic countries do not have to do anything.

Work Permits & Employment-Based Visas

Depending on your country of origin, you will want a work permit or employment visa to labor in Sweden. If you are an EU/EEA citizen, you have the right to stay in Sweden. This means there are no work permit necessities for you to start work there. When you go in Sweden, or search for work, all you will require to do is display your passport.

As an EU/EEA citizen, you are also permitted to come to Sweden to look for jobs. Once you have a job and are settled in Sweden, you will require to list with the Swedish Tax Agency. Read more regarding this in our Residence Permits section beneath.

As a non-EU/EEA inhabitant, you require a job propose to be qualified for a work permit, which you need to go in Sweden. It is not likely to go in Sweden, nor commence working in Sweden, before you are approved a work permit.

Requirements for a Swedish Work Permit

To get a Swedish work permit, you must gather the given below requirements:

  • Have an official passport.
  • Be accessible employment that complies with the conditions set by Swedish combined agreements, or are usual for the job.
  • Be presented a monthly salary of at least 14,000 SEK (1,480 USD) before taxes, or accessible a pay that is on par with the position.
  • Be presented employment that includes life insurance, health insurance, and social security.

When you apply for the work permit, you will also require to show evidence of housing in Sweden as well as intentions to leave the country once your employment contract is through.

In addition to the requirements you must meet to apply for a Swedish work visa, your Swedish employer must also meet assured necessities to employ you. 

  • The job must have been advertised in the EU/EEA for as a minimum ten days.
  • The job must comprise employment conditions on par with other Swedish jobs inside the similar industry.

How to Apply for a Swedish Work Visa

You can relate for a Swedish work visa in person at a Swedish delegation or online. The easiest technique is to present the Swedish work permit application form online.

Step One: Offer of Employment

Also Check Exams to Study in Sweden

Your Swedish employer will require submitting a written job offer and attaining approval from the significant trade union concerning the job and salary. The job offer should comprise the length of employment, as this is directly associated to the validity period of the visa.

Step Two: Employer Initiates Application

Once you obtain and accept a job offer, your employer will begin the online application for you with the Swedish Migration Organization. To do this, they will require your date of birth, information about your nationality, education, and email address.

Step Three: Email

Once your employer starts the application, you will obtain an email to begin your side of the procedure. This is when you will require to list whether you will be moving on your own or with your family.

Step Four: Submit Documents

Because you will also require a residence visa in addition to a work permit, the only documents you will require to present for the work permit are listed below:

  • your passport (purposely the recognition page as well as any stamps or visas already in the passport);
  • employment offer;
  • Statement from a trade union.

Step Five: Cost

The cost of a work permit should only be 2,500 SEK (240 USD). Permits for sure professions may cost less. 

Step Six: Wait

The wait time for your work permit can differ very much depending on numerous factors: whether you applied online or in person, whether you are self-employed or working by a company, and the industry in which you will be working. For nearly all expats who are working by a Swedish company, the wait time is one to three months. 

Business Visas for Sweden

If you plan to visit Sweden for the time being for business purposes, you will require a business visa. This will be a one-time entrance Schengen visa, although there are still some requirements that are Sweden-specific.

To apply for a Swedish business visa, you will require

  • a resident visa;
  • a bank statement;
  • proof of travel insurance;
  • a valid passport;
  • 2 passport-size photographs;
  • a Swedish business visa application form;
  • business references counting an invitation from the Swedish corporation or association;
  • Proof of a Swedish hotel condition and an airline booking for Sweden.

How to apply for Sweden work permit for non-EU/EEA citizens?

In common, to bring employees to work for a business in Sweden, they must apply for a work permit rather than a business visa, which only provides entry into Sweden for short term periods. The eligibility necessities for a work permit include:

  • The occupation ought to be advertised on the EURESportal for a least of 12 days.
  • An offer of employment should be made which sets out circumstances which are, at a least, corresponding to those of the related Swedish collective agreement. This offer is initiated by the employer, and requires information about the potential employee’s name, date of birth, citizenship, education and email address.
  • The employment chance must pay a least amount pre-tax salary as stipulated by Swedish collective agreement.

An employer can relate online for a work permit on behalf of the employee if they have all essential information. Employers cannot apply in-person since the candidate must be current if they desire to apply in this method. The employer must be expert by the Migration Agency and have the authority of attorney to apply on the applicant’s behalf, counting copies of the pages in the employee’s passport which demonstrate personal information, period of validity and whether the person has authorization to exist in countries other than their country of origin.

The application procedure is as follows:

  • Issuance of present of employment
  • Compilation of all essential documents
  • Consideration by the Swedish Migration Agency
  • Notification to the Tax Agency if request is successful

1. A propose of employment is issued to the worker. This ensures that the Migration Agency is capable to make sure the circumstances of employment and payment are allied with legal necessities. The employer must also issue a notice of employment to the applicable trade union, which will be returned by the union administrator upon approval. The employer desires to offer information about the applicant’s name, date of birth, citizenship, education and e-mail address, which will be used by the Migration Agency to converse with the candidate.

Time: Depends on the trade union.

Fee: No price.

2. The request is compiled and submitted. The related documentation is explained below.

3. The Migration Agency will believe the application and tell of the result within 2-5 months, depending on whether all certification is properly submitted or if extra documentation is requisite.

Applications are essential to put forward the subsequent documents:

  • Copies of the related passport pages which hold personal information, signature, passport number, photograph,  passport issuing country, the passport’s phase of validity and whether the individual has consent to live in countries other than their country of origin.

The employee is also capable to bring their family as long as the aforementioned information is supplied, as well as:

  • Certificates of marriage for spouses
  • Birth certificates for children, and permission from the other custodial parent if they are not associated the candidate
  • Documents evidencing that the dependents have lived in the equal country of origin as the candidate
  • Documents evidencing that any children above the age of 21 are economically dependent upon the candidate

The employer is capable to apply on behalf of the applicant’s family contingent upon obtaining an authority of attorney from the family, in addition to copies of every family member’s passport and documents proving they are connected to the candidate (like marriage or birth certificates). Applications to carry family should be submitted with the employee’s application.

These documents must be incorporated with the applicant’s documents when the application is submitted. All documents should be provided in Swedish or English and applications should comprise copies of original documents.

Time: Around 1 month, though if information is absent from the application the procedure can take up to 4 months.

Types of visas

Group                     Explanation of Visa
Business visaFor non-EU citizens wishing to trip to Sweden for a business trip or meeting, a business visa is essential. To be qualified to obtain a visa, the following are requisite:
– A passport with least amount of 3 months validity remaining and issued inside the last decade
– An offer to attend the conference or engage in business by the hosting company or organisation
– Sufficient funds to travel to and from Sweden as well as living costs, to the amount of SEK 450 per day. This may be shown through bank statements or a statement from the host agreeing to cover the individual’s costs for the duration of their stay.
– Individual medical travel insurance, which covers costs of at least EUR30,000. Visa applications are to be submitted to a Swedish embassy or consulate-general. They must include the following documentation:
– A statement detailing motivations for visiting Sweden, intended length of stay, means of supporting self, type of passport held, and plans for further travel after staying in Sweden
– Completed application form and family details
– Two passport photographs
– An invitation or letter from the company or organisation arranging the conference, which must disclose personal data, reason for visit, and means of financial support. Once an application is submitted, a decision can be expected within a fortnight, although this may take longer during busy holiday periods. A visa is generally valid for 90 days. If an application is denied, appeals must be filed within 3 weeks of the decision.
Work permit (employer sponsored)EU citizens are permitted to work in Sweden without a work permit, on state that a suitable passport or national ID is accessible. Non-EU citizens in universal must apply for a work permit, with the exceptions of citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand or South Korea aged 18-30, who are qualified to apply for working holiday visas valid for up to 1 year. To be qualified for a work permit, a Swedish employer must make an administrator offer of employment for a job that has been advertised on the European Job Mobility Portal for no less than 10 days, with employment terms equivalent to Swedish combined agreements – this may be ascertained with confirmation with the related union – and a minimum monthly pre-tax salary of SEK 13,000. The application process can then be completed online or submitted in person at the nearest Swedish embassy or consulate.
The following documents must be submitted with an application for a work permit:
– finished application form, either online or a hard copy
– A copy of the applicant’s passport pages detailing personal information, validity, and consent to live in exterior the country of origin
– propose of employment
– Application fee, although sure occupations such as performers, athletes or visiting researchers enjoy lower fees. Please contact us for a quote. Applications submitted online are measured by the Migration Agency right away. If finished at an embassy or consulate, the application is forwarded to the Migration Agency in Sweden, which naturally adds four weeks to the procedure. If all necessary documents are submitted jointly the processing time should not go beyond 1 month. If an individual is qualified for a work permit, spouses or registered partners, children below 21 and children above 21 who are economically dependent are qualified to live in Sweden, and must also apply for residence permits.
Intra-company transferFor an intra-company transfer, the procedure is mainly similar to a work permit:
– An application must be filed to the Swedish Migration Board or the nearby embassy or consulate-general.
– Once accepted and approved, a visa application must be made to the embassy or consulate-general in the individual’s home country. This allows the visa to be supported in their passport.
– A house permit is necessary for stays more than 90 days.
Freelance/entrepreneur permitEntrepreneurs wishing to work for a period beyond 3 months must apply for a Swedish residence permit. For periods less than 3 months, an entry visa is necessary.
The given below criteria are requisite to get a residence permit:
– Valid passport
– Proof of experience in the field and running a self-owned business
– Documented and related knowledge in Swedish and/or English
– finished application form. Please contact us for a quote.
– Proof that the individual runs the business autonomously and owns at least half
– Proof that the business’ services or goods are sold and/or produced in Sweden
– Proof of sufficient supporting funds for the business and family if applicable, including documentation of the business’ budget
– Evidence of a network of recognized customer contacts in Sweden
– Proof that the company will have its finances in balance following a two year probationary period, and that the individual possesses the ability to support themselves and family if applicable
– Certificates to prove educational and business background It might take up to 4 weeks to make a choice concerning entrepreneur permits. If approved, the permit is suitable for 2 years. Family members are qualified to obtain residence permits for an correspondent period of time.
Jobs in Sweden

How to find jobs in Sweden for international students?

If you are searching for excellence education at an inexpensive price, then certainly you would have well thought-out Sweden as your country of preference. With some of the oldest universities in the world ranked rather high for the numerous programs, a steady beam of start-ups in the IT sector and right of entry to the European job market all add to the many positives of studying in Sweden.

Though, irrespective of the small exchange rate, the fact remains that the cost of studying and livelihood is not that small. Furthermore, the countless attractions of the country all add to the lure of that additional pocket money students desire to earn while studying.

Let us begin with the fundamental questions about authorization to work while studying. The answer is easy…yes you can work and there are no restrictions to how many hours. A student might also take up full day jobs. The single condition, however, is, the student must spend a least of 40 hours a week on his studies.

Yes. You understand that right. Frequently, many students take up evening lectures to work through the day and make a little on the side. In addition universities and public libraries repeatedly list out many job openings in the region which international students can relate for. Students do not want a work permit to work during their course.

List of MCI Approved MBBS Universities Abroad

So what kind of jobs is accessible for Indian students in Sweden? Well, not several! That is certainly a disadvantage of studying in Sweden. The job markets are not that unreserved. Furthermore, the language becomes a large barrier to find good jobs and keep them. Students with no Swedish Language Skills might find strange jobs at the local eateries for waiting tables, as a dog walker or a baby sitter.

Some students may also discover jobs at the many start-ups. With a lot of IT-related start-ups in the country, students with good work experience in growth might really find a little outstanding internship which would add expensive experience to your resume. These internships, however, do not compensate (if at all)!

In truthful opinion, student’s preparing to Study in Sweden must keep in mind that they would not be capable to make the living expenses in the country by means of part-time jobs. They are not totally absent but not all students would discover them. Hence, you must keep in mind the cost of studying in Sweden and be prepared to pay out the money. The education would be worth the knowledge and the cost.

Work in Sweden: Highest Paying Jobs and Eligibility

Sweden boasts some of the best benefits in the world such as affordable healthcare, generous vacation time and free education. It truly is a haven for social welfare and high living standards.  

But while the country has the highest tax rates globally, it also offers impressive, lucrative careers paths. In fact, Sweden has been ranked as one of the best countries to work in.  

Whether you plan on moving to Sweden to embark on a well-paid career abroad, or you are merely interested in knowing which professionals make a killing, here’s a list of the top 10 highest-paying jobs in Sweden.  

1. Surgeons / Doctor 

It is the number one highest-paying job in Sweden. Working as a surgeon involves elevated risk and important responsibility for patients’ lives. Widespread knowledge and experience are necessary, as well as a wide education and qualifications in order to be successful as a surgeon in Sweden – or anywhere else in the world for that stuff.  

These medical professionals work extended hours, are continually on-call, and must contract with life and death situations every day. In spite of the demanding nature of this job, however, this high-demand role has a profitable salary of up to 259,500 Swedish Krona.  

Like in a lot of other countries in the region of the world, the highest-paying jobs in Sweden are those which need long education and training, as well as devotion and huge liability. Embarking on one of these careers surely promises a lengthy journey, but their hefty salaries are significance the effort and the wait. 

Average monthly salary: 168,000 SEK (£14,500/ $19,900)

2. Judge

The second high-paying job in the lawful sphere is that of a judge. In Sweden, this is one of the greatest jobs, with salaries that reach up to 218,000 Swedish Krona. Being a judge is surely not ‘simple money’. Other than studying and schooling for years, this challenging position involves a range of vital tasks that validate its elevated salary.  

Put plainly, judges determine people’s fates. Acting as a referee of the prosecuting and defensive parties, listening and questioning witnesses and finally, instructing the jury, determining the fault or innocence of defendants is a demanding, yet high-earning job to come by in Sweden.  

Average monthly salary: 144,000 SEK (£12,500/ $16,900)

3. Lawyer

It is the third highest-paid professionals in Sweden are lawyers. These qualified professionals counsel and symbolize clients in criminal and civil events, conduct research and arrange legal documents. The job of a lawyer pays healthy because it involves many years of study, putting in extended working hours, sacrificing their private life and most prominently, shielding the lives of people and businesses facing legal issues.  

Other than having sound judgment and outstanding communication skills, becoming a lawyer in Sweden requires a towering level of skill in Swedish. In order to practice law in Sweden, you ought to have a Bachelor of Laws degree or the Master of Laws as well as many years of professional legal experience/ knowledge.  

Average monthly salary: 115,000 SEK (£9,900/ $13,700)

4. Bank manager

The greatest employers in Sweden comprise numerous major financial institutions, making this particular job role admirable of its profitable salary. Bank managers are one of Sweden’s highest-paying professionals, earning up to 165,000 Swedish Krona monthly.  

With an elevated responsibility job with an equivalent amount of risk, bank managers are responsible for the operations of bank branches, counting distribution, sales, customer service, financial objectives, and the training of bank personnel. With an abundance of supervising responsibilities, bank managers need proven management knowledge and related qualifications like a bachelor’s degree in business management. 

Average monthly salary: 108,500 SEK (£9,400/ $12,850)

5. Chief executive officer 

The job of a chief executive officer offers outstanding earning potential in Sweden due to its demanding character. As this professional is in charge for a business’s on the whole achievement, it comes hand in hand with high danger, stress, personal give up, and extended working hours.  

As the highest-ranking executive in a company, CEOs make dangerous corporate decisions, oversee the company plan and goals, and turn out to be the organisation’s public figure. This demanding position requires you to have adequate experience and a related degree in a selected field. To become a CEO, it’s also necessary that you have wonderful guidance, decision-making and decision-making skills.  

Average monthly salary: 104,000 SEK (£8,900/ $13,000)

6. Chief financial officer 

When you have complete liability for a company’s financial events, it’s almost confident that you would be paid a high salary to do such task. In Sweden, chief financial officers are amongst the top earners, accumulating up to 145,000 Swedish Krona a month. 

A CFO is in charge of organizing and scheduling the spending, costs, budgets, taxation, and revenue of a company, which means they play a fundamental role in its victory. To set yourself on this extremely lucrative career path, you may require a CPA license and a master’s degree in accounting, finance or business administration.  

Average monthly salary: 95,000 SEK (£8,300/ $11,400)

7. Orthodontist 

They help patients to get better their oral health by correcting teeth and jaw misalignments. While they might also carry out a dentist’s errands (like cleaning, extracting, repairing teeth), they mostly help their patients in correcting their bites, straightening their teeth and realigning their jaws.  

To practice in Sweden, you require embarking in a professional degree in dentistry, attending dental school, and obtaining a license from the National Board of Health & Welfare.

Average monthly salary: 90,900 SEK (£7,900/ $10,8500)

8. College professor 

Those who are drawn to teaching and have a zeal for education can develop into college professors. These professionals educate students, but they also carry out research, construct scholarly publications in the subject they specialize in, and present at scholastic conferences.  

Teaching at a post-secondary level offers a towering salary, but it doesn’t come trouble-free. To become a professor, you will require a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, and often, a PhD degree. College professors must also have more than 10 years of experience under their buckle.  

Average monthly salary: 80,900 SEK (£6,990/ $9,700)

9. Pilot 

It’s no shock that the professionals who fly high are also the most paid workers in Sweden. Certainly, the job of a pilot pays a huge salary of up to 105,000 Swedish Krona. As in any country, pilots requires wide training and licenses as it involves transporting passengers on an ongoing origin and being accountable for their lives.  

Pilots train in flight schools, board on aviation-related college degree programmes, airline cadet pilot programmes, or link the Swedish Air Force. They also need a student pilot license (SPL) and confidential pilot license (PPL) to board on this career.  

Average monthly salary: 68,100 SEK (£5,900/ $8,500)

10. Marketing director 

If you’ve studied marketing or at present work in your company’s marketing department, struggle for that promotion because becoming a marketing director could make you large bucks! Of course, enough experience is necessary, next to a bachelor’s or master’s qualification in marketing or business studies.  

Marketing directors have the liability of rising revenue and generating business for the organizations they labor for. Their everyday tasks engage building strategies to improve company branding and picture, which may involve preparing marketing plans, campaigns and actions, budgets, and the analysis of market and business competitors. 

Average monthly salary: 60,900 SEK (£5,4400/ $7,500)

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