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MBA in UK at Top Business Schools

The UK with over 399 universities acts as the following most well-known educational center for global students. Welcoming more than 5 lakh global students, the nation has to present a wealthy cultural diversity. Topics Covered Under Article : MBA in the UK | Why MBA Overseas | MBA in UK at Top Business Schools | Why Study MBA in UK. The finest part of studying in this nation is that students from diverse backgrounds experiencing a completely diverse environment make huge associations which additional aid them in networking. The degrees obtained from UK are renowned international and have helped lots of students to achieve their dream jobs and even work as entrepreneurs.

Why MBA Overseas

When it comes to receiving a worldwide accepted degree in business & management, MBA is measured to be the most pursued one. Pursuing an MBA prepares you for real-time business challenges through its thorough projects and prospectus. Adding to it, when pursued at a worldwide level, this programme helps you widen a broader viewpoint for problem-solving. The UK is a preferable study goal for a lot of worldwide students.

MBA in the UK

Why United Kingdom?

Trendy as a globe head in terms of quality education practices, the UK stands second as the chosen study destination, following the USA. The UK has numerous colleges that position in the top 100 (4 colleges in top 10) globally highly praised institutions, marking a strong status for the country’s education system across the world.

The surroundings of an institute have a major impact on the generally experience of getting education. Hence, studying business practices would differ with the study destination. Working a domain inside the foremost industry helps in experiencing the domain with its newest advancements and developments, thereby, serving a professional keep updated with the industrial trends. Consequently, pursuing a degree in Business Administration in UK, where it is experienced with the most modern tools and techniques, will certainly aid in the overall growth of students making them industrial specialized.

MBA in UK at Top Business Schools

Take a gaze at the UK business schools that performed finest across Global MBA Rankings 2020, the Financial Times (FT) QS Global MBA Rankings 2020, and The Economist’s Full-time MBA Rankings 2020…

1. London Business School (LBS)

Marketing itself as ‘the world’s most flexible’; the LBS MBA is broadly regarded as one of the most prominent in globe, and surely among the finest esteemed in Europe.

Apply to Universities in UK

You can opt whether to study above 15, 18 or 22 months. 2021 fees are locate at £88,100, counting flights and housing for the Global Business Experience – a week-long worldwide trip connecting workshops, panels, site visits, guest speakers and opportunities to have a vacation local LBS alumni.

LBS also offer an Executive MBA and two additional EMBAs – the EMBA Global Asia and the EMBA Global Americas and Europe. The previous is a possibility to study in Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York and London, while the last involves study in London and New York.

2. University of Cambridge, Judge Business School

At the centre of Cambridge’s MBA is the Global Consulting Project, throughout which groups of students carry out live consulting projects for companies approximately the world.

Tuition fees for one year full-time MBA situate at £60,500.

The prospectus follows a ‘micro to macro’ track with four phases: team building, team leading, influence and impact, and application and prelaunch. You can prefer to specialize in areas like global business, entrepreneurship, energy and environment and healthcare strategies.

You can also study an Executive MBA at Cambridge. It’s a 20-month course delivered above 16 weekends and four week-long blocks.

3. University of Oxford, Saïd Business School

It ranks both as a foremost global university in universal and a top provider when it comes to MBAs. Among the highlights of its MBA programme is the Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford (GOTO) project, described as ‘action-oriented problem-solving’ that addresses a key subject facing the globe nowadays.

The one-year course at Oxford’s Saïd Business School expenses £65,800.

On the other hand you can choose for an Executive MBA or the exclusive Oxford 1+1 MBA. This is an occasion to join the one-year MBA with one of a choice list of Masters Degrees in subjects like public policy, computer science and criminology.

4. University of Warwick, Warwick Business School

Warwick Business School’s MBA offers you the opportunity to get concerned in workshops on customer persuasion skills, effectual presentations, diversity and culture in worldwide business, and impactful applications and interviews.

The full-time MBA is a 12-month course, with tuition fees of £44,950.

You’ll have the possibility to specialize in entrepreneurship, which involves spending 50% of your time on that subject and 50% on the center MBA content. Modules comprise ‘Innovation and creativity in organisations’, ‘Managing in a New World’, and ‘Organisational behaviour’. Other options at Warwick comprise a distance learning MBA and an Executive MBA.

5. Imperial College Business School

Imperial’s MBA comprise a Global Experience Week, which is a highlight for a lot of students. It’s an exhaustive foreign trip to discover businesses in an international context.

The full-time MBA takes one year, with tuition fees of £55,500. Among the most current class, students had a standard age of 28. 53% of students were female and 23 nationalities were represented.

Students had varied preceding experience in energy, pharmaceuticals, engineering, biotechnology and healthcare as well as the traditional MBA industries of banking, finance and consulting.

Additional options at Imperial comprise a weekend MBA, a 2-year Executive MBA and a 2-year global online MBA.

6. The University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School

Telling itself as ‘one of the world’s most realistic MBAs’, The University of Manchester’s programme will see you taking on 3 consultancy projects with genuine customers.

Masters in Economics in UK

There are options to study over 12, 15 or 18 months, speeding up or slowing down as you prefer at convinced points in the course. Tuition fees are presently £46,600.

Alongside the full-time MBA, Manchester offers a worldwide part-time MBA over 18 or 24 months, which involves teaching in three workshop residential a year. Elective modules can be studied at centres in Hong Kong, Manchester, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Singapore.

7. Durham University Business School

Durham’s MBA gives you the chance to center on one of three specialism: consultancy, entrepreneurship, or technology.

The full-time MBA is taken over 12 or 15 months and tuition fees are up till now to be announced. The 15-month side gives you the possibility to discover a fresh industry or job role, take an internship, or plan to put your own business.

Throughout the course you’ll visit a business abroad, be there in language classes, commence a consultancy exercise with an organization of your selection, and get occupied in a real-life replication of a boardroom.

Durham also offers an online/blended MBA, sense you can study the course completely online or in a mixture of online and trained residential modules. One more option is the Executive MBA delivered together by Durham and Germany’s European Business School.

8. City, University of London, Bayes Business School

The one year, full-time MBA at Bayes Business School combines workshops, live projects, lectures, abroad expeditions and worldwide consultancy projects. Tuition fees cost £47,500.

For the first 6 months of the course, you’ll construct a foundational sympathetic and knowledge before tailoring the second half of the course to your wellbeing.

If you obtain at least 40 credits value of elective modules in a particular region the school will recognize that as your ‘concentration’. You can prefer from corporate strategy, digital transformation, corporate finance, innovation & entrepreneurship, investment management, and marketing.

There is also modular Executive MBA and an Executive MBA, over 24 months, and an Executive MBA in Dubai, studying at the Dubai International Finance Centre.

9. Cranfield School of Management

An entirely postgraduate (PG) university, Cranfield offers an inspiring range of MBA courses. Next to the normal full-time MBA costing £40,000 there’s also the Executive MBA, MBA Defence and Executive MBA Defence Export all costing £28,500 in fees.

To take the MBA Defence as an instance, core modules comprise ‘Risk and defence management’, ‘Leading transform management in defence’, and ‘Defence economics & finance’.

10. University of Edinburgh Business School

The Edinburgh MBA boasts a ’boutique experience’, combining little cohorts with a personalized experience. Throughout your studies you’ll sharpen skills required by managers and business leaders and increase your horizons.

You can study 3 types of MBA at Edinburgh – the full-time MBA and full-time MBA with global exchange – both durable for one year, and you can pick for the part-time executive MBA above a period of 27 months.

The full-time MBA focuses on a number of hub business, management and leadership disciplines and allows students a selection of specialization in finance, strategy or entrepreneurship. To concern for the course you’ll require a first class or 2:1 honors degree and at least 3 years’ work experience in a decision-making role. 

The full-time MBA and full-time MBA with worldwide exchange both have tuition fees of £33,600.

Why Study MBA in UK?

An MBA prize from a UK business school is one of the most extremely respected qualifications in the globe, and graduates are appreciated by businesses, both local and international, in roughly every type of industry. Choosing to study an MBA in the UK is a life altering decision and business schools and universities in the UK will equip students with the reasonable and lateral thinking wanted to do well in your afterward career.

Learn further about why you should think of studying an MBA in the UK below and plan a free session with SI-UK in London or Manchester to get your application ongoing.

Top Five Reasons to Study an MBA in the UK 

1. One Year Programmes

Did you identify that a lot of MBA programmes can be finished in just one year? This enables students to graduate faster, saving time and money, enabling you to get out and start working much earlier.

Masters in Electrical Engineering in UK

Many UK universities and business schools have close links with industry leaders, provided that students with the chance to meet huge companies and corporations who you might one day work for.

Schools pride themselves on working intimately with many of the world’s foremost professional bodies, and a UK MBA prepares you for the necessities of 21st century business.

3. Business Contacts and Networking

Because of the close links with business and industry that all UK business schools have, you will meet a huge number of people at extraordinary proceedings, lectures and seminars. By maintaining these associations, they will profit your future career.

4. UK Business School Reputation

Of the world’s top 100 universities, the UK can show off 16 institutions, counting four in the top ten, counting Cambridge, Oxford,  University College London and Imperial College London. The UK is elevated on a global students’ list of destinations due to its history, global language, and standing for high-quality, competitively priced courses. An MBA award will make sure your CV stands out from the mob.

5. Low Cost

There are a broad diversity of small and private colleges, particularly in the region of London, which present low cost MBA programmes to global students. Many of these colleges have university associated MBA degree programmes and offer a low cost substitute for global students, with tuition fees opening at about £8,600.

Admissions to MBA in UK

What are the entrance necessities to study an MBA in the UK?

Deciding to study an MBA is a vast promise, and it is vital you are completely conscious of the entrance necessities before commencement the application procedure. All business schools differ, but as a universal rule applicants will require the subsequent documents:

  • GMAT
  • IELTS score of at least 6.0-6.5
  • A Bachelor’s degree or correspondent
  • A least 3-years of full-time work experience


A number of business schools need students to obtain the Graduate Management Admission examination, or GMAT. The GMAT tests aptitude in:

  • Analytical Writing: Argument analysis
  • Verbal: Critical reasoning and sentence correction
  • Integrated Reasoning: Graphics and table analysis
  • Quantitative Aptitude: ability to read a passage and problem solve

The GMAT is sole because if you answer questions properly you are given harder ones praiseworthy of more points. Wrong answers will be met with easier questions, which recompense fewer points.

– GMAT Exam Preparation

Students should use at least 6 months preparing for the GMAT. If your employ of English is improved than your mathematics, then center on solving quantitative problems. If it is the contradictory, then start reading preparation.

It is significant to read newspapers (Daily Telegraph, The Times, and Guardian) and rephrase the articles in your own particular words. There are a lot of websites offering GMAT mock-tests, while some official websites also analyze your test presentation and give you news with suggestion.

– GMAT Exam Scoring

MBA in UK at Top Business Schools
Test Component       Scoring
Verbal Scaled0 to 60 (75 minutes)
Quantitative0 to 60 (75 minutes)
Analytical Writing0 to 6 (30 minutes)
Integrated Reasoning1 to 8 (30 minutes)
Total Scaled Score200 to 800

In the quantitative and verbal sections, students score between 0 and 60. Scores of over 50 in either are very exceptional.

Temporary scores are generated at the end of the examination and the concluding scores go online after 20 days once the paper is manually read and graded. Your GMAT score is legal for five years, with a score of 600 measured good and over 660 outstanding.

MBA in UK Eligibility

One of the most well-liked courses across the world, a degree in business from a UK university helps students in increase their knowledge about planning, running and operations of an association. Students get disclosure to diverse aspects of the business world which includes areas like finance, human resource, marketing, and administration. While the early stage involves an impression of the whole business world, at a higher stage, students can choose for specialization in one of the disciplines of business. MBA being the most required after business program is accessible by an array of UK universities. Some of the top institutions that offer MBA in UK comprise University of Warwick, University of Oxford, University of Bath and University of St Andrews. 

Eligibility for MBA in the UK

To look for admission in a business course in the UK, students must meet the under mentioned essential eligibility criteria:-

Undergraduate (UG) Diploma / Degree 

  • Achievement of secondary education studies correspondent to UK’s standards 
  • Furnish school documents / transcripts and related certificates 
  • Confirm proficiency in English language such as get an admissible IELTS / TOEFL score 

Post Graduate (PG) Degree / Diploma 

  • A related 3-years bachelor’s degree obtained from a renowned university, correspondent to a UK degree 
  • Minimum 1 year of work experience may be asked by several UK universities 
  • Meet the criterion of proficiency in English language with a fine score in IELTS / TOEFL exam 
  • Some universities funding admission on the foundation of GMAT score as well 

Advantages of pursuing a business course in the UK – 

  1. An internationally renowned degree is offered
  2. Universities at UK bid diploma, undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG) and research programs in business.
  3. MBA in UK stands at top in most accepted business courses and is accessible by some of the UK’s finest universities.
  4. Along with theoretical studies, businesses courses at UK universities also spotlight on case studies and practical exposure as they assist students understand the subjects in an enhanced way.
  5. A degree in business from a UK university enhances the career options and earning possible of the students.
  6. In several of the institutions students have to undertake an internship program as a part of the course prospectus.

MBA without GMAT in UK

UK gains worldwide awareness for its MBA programs because of its top-notched business schools and 1-year MBA courses. MBA in UK encourages both working professionals as well as newcomers. GMAT score plays a significant role for global students who desire to concern for MBA in top universities in UK. To study in UK, roughly 76% of the students spend their time preparing for the GMAT examination. But our experts are here to direct you that it is possible to study MBA in UK without GMAT. Different universities offer MBA in UK for Indian students without GMAT; instead they spotlight on other aspects like related interviews, essays, work experience, and letters of proposal.

MBA in London without GMAT is accessible for global students. They present full time MBA course. Also a small number of other UK universities present diverse types of MBA programs like:

Executive : This course is planned for professionals who have 5 or more years of work knowledge. So, top business schools present executive MBA in UK without GMAT score as a part of their applications.

Accelerated MBA : Accelerated MBA is nothing but fast-track MBA course that is accessible by top MBA colleges in UK which does not need GMAT score. Students can chase accelerated MBA without GMAT in UK.

Part-time MBA : Many part-time MBA courses are provided by top MBA colleges in UK with no GMAT score. GMAT score is either waivered off or they do not think about GMAT score in their application procedure for global students.

MBA in UK Costs

A Master of Business Administration is amongst the most sought-after degrees for business professionals. The MBA is globally recognized all over the world, enhancing your capabilities while rising the flair essential for administration and inspiring people, but, inexpensively, it can be a luxurious procedure.

There is a broad diversity of small and private colleges, particularly around London, which present low cost MBA programmes to worldwide students. Many of these colleges have university associated MBA degree programmes and bid a cheaper substitute for global students, with tuition fees starting at roughly about £8,200.

How much does an MBA cost?

A one-year MBA will cost £11,200 – £15,900 on average, with MBA programmes at top business schools like Oxford and Cambridge potentially costing up to £46,400. There are though a number of universities and business schools offering high quality degrees at a much lesser cost.

Advantages of an inexpensive UK MBA

  • Reasonably priced
  • No prior work experience necessary
  • Internationally respected UK university degree
  • Access to careers in management at a superior level
  • Intensive courses allowing completion in 12 to 18 months
  • Students can work up to 20 hours during their studies to support themselves in the UK

Low Cost MBA Information

  • 12 to 18 months in span
  • Least IELTS score of 6.0
  • Multiple intakes throughout the calendar
  • Average MBA tuition fees begin from £15,200
  • Pre-MBA option if you do not fulfill entry necessities
  • 2 years work experience usually required, but not always compulsory

Cost of Living in UK

Masters in Computer Science in UK

The UK hosts great numbers of expats – some of whom appear for just a small time, while others prefer to construct Britain their lasting home. Many of them opt a life in the capital, London, where it’s fairly expensive, but you’ll also find the uppermost paid jobs here.

If you’re working on a tighter budget, you can get a lot more for your money in one of the chief local cities, or a minor town. And don’t fail to remember, there’s more to the UK than England.

How luxurious is the UK in contrast to the EU, the USA and Australia?

The administrator currency in the UK is the pound. It’s also sometimes referred to as sterling.

You can find out the precise worth of your money in GBP, using an online currency converter – but here’s an uneven lead at the time of writing, compared to a little major currencies:

  • 1000 GBP = 1376 USD
  • 1000 GBP = 1738 CAD
  • 1000 GBP = 1173 EUR
  • 1000 GBP = 1892 AUD

Additionally, you might find the following chart helpful. It compares some of the basic costs (in GBP) all across the UK as well as three major countries. This should give you an idea of general pricing for day to day expenses.

Comparing fundamental cost of living1 bedroom flat in city centre (monthly rent)Meal for 2 (mid- range restaurant, 3 courses)Transportation (monthly pass)
London, UK£1,665£60£160
Manchester, UK£850£60£75
Edinburgh, UK£830£60£59
New York City, USA£2,325£75£98
Sydney, Australia£1,425£55£120
Toronto, Canada£1,125£48£92

MBA in UK with Scholarships

Studying overseas is luxurious, particularly when it comes to a world-recognized degree MBA. How would you experience if you got to know that you can offset your study expenses with the aid of scholarships?

The scholarships are conferred on a diversity of fundamentals. There are two kinds of MBA scholarships, one is Internal, accessible by the business schools, and the added one is External, accessible by the other organizations. As most of us are conscious that the Merit Scholarships are rewarded by the educational institutes to the students who carry out luminous inside the same institute or in the past, or achieve outstanding in the necessary exams such as GMAT. Also, that a Need-Based MBA Scholarship is related for students who set up their financial crunch to pay for the degree without exterior aid but are devoted towards studies. The other MBA scholarships are awarded to students who come from under-represented backgrounds.

Below you can hunt for MBA scholarships accessible by business schools and other organizations. You can hunt by keyword, filter by MBA specialization, or discover scholarships accessible for schools in exact locations or are accessible for inhabitants from detailed places.

Global Study Awards

Awarded by the Study Portals, ISIC, or British Council, the scholarship is intended at heartening the students to study overseas. Grantable to 2 students applying for any course counting MBA to many countries counting UK, the utmost amount available in this award is Pound 11,000.

The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships-University of Cambridge

Endowed by the University of Cambridge, this prize is procurable by the students of senior studies in any examine oriented subject. Awardable to a sole student, the utmost amount paid in this scholarship is INR 40.5 Lakh.

The Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship Program

Accessible by Financial Sumo, this one is planned to aid the students defray expenses of attending a college. Relevant for all the universities in UK to all the students from any course, counting MBA, it can be awarded up to USD 1500 to only one student.

Broker Fish International Student Scholarship

Approved by Broker Fish, this type of scholarship is planned to aid the global students, irrespective of their birth place, in obtaining a Worldwide Health Insurance. This can be availed by the full-time students of any course correspondent to a degree or diploma programme studying in any credited institution of UK. The utmost amount awarded is USD 1100.

Go Clean Scholarship

Bestowed by, this scholarship is awarded to the students on merit base. A least of 2.5 GPA is requisite to achieve the reward money of USD 3,600. It is relevant to the MBA students of all the universities in UK.

The additional scholarships awarded to the students of MBA in UK are given below:

  • Felix Scholarships
  • GREAT Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship
  • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships
  • Hornby Scholarships 2018
  • Chevening Scholarship
  • Oxford India Centre Scholarship
  • University of East Anglia Scholarships
  • Education Grants by Tata Trusts
  • Academy Asia Senior Fellowship
  • Inlaks Scholarships
  • Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships
  • The Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  • The Rhodes Scholarships India
  • Graduate Scholarships at LSE
  • Research Council UK Scholarships
  • Erasmus Mundus – Scholarships and Academic Cooperation
  • International Academic Scholarship at the University of Worcester
  • The University of Lincoln Scholarships

Scope of MBA in UK

The financial area is one of the most talented fields when it comes to career opportunities. With an MBA degree in finance, you can land some of the highest-paying jobs in the UK.

From becoming an investment banker to a financial manager, MBA graduates can anticipate to earn up to £60,500 annually. Students with an MBA in Finance degree are required by one of the world’s top financial firms and further organizations. This comprises big names such as Deloitte, Morgan Law, Amazon, and AG BARR PLC, and many more to name a few.

Given below is a list of the most popular jobs in the UK for finance graduates:

Job PositionName of RecruitersAverage Monthly Salary
Finance AnalystAG BARR PLC£24,500
Finance ManagerAmazon£51,500- 122,500
Manager, Financial MarketsDeloitte£62,380
Finance OfficerGoodman Manson£30,500- 35,500
Finance ManagerMorgan Law£40,500

Career Opportunities for MBA in Information Technology

It has been fruitfully recognized that IT is the prospect of the world. Hence, career opportunities for MBA in IT graduates are boundless. Tech skills have always been in command, particularly in the UK. This is the cause why most tech-skilled employees get an elevated salary than those with non-tech skills.

Given below is a list of highest paying IT jobs in the UK that MBA graduates should watch out for:

Job PositionAverage Salary
DevOps Engineer£40,500
Software Engineer£35,500
Python Developer£35,500
Data Scientist£31,500
DevOps Engineer£40,500

Career Opportunities for MBA in Marketing Graduates

The marketing & advertising segment in the UK is continually booming, creating numerous job opportunities for new MBA graduates. With the increase of the IT and digital industry, most marketing-related jobs are now seeking tech-savvy individuals with strong analytical skills.

Graduates with an MBA in marketing have different career options to prefer from. They can either go for Brand Management, Product Specialization, Communications & Marketing, and many more.

Given below is a list of the top recruiters in marketing and the career opportunities in the field:

Job PositionName of RecruitersAverage Salary
Product SpecialistTPP£39,500
Communications & MarketingTPP£45,500
Business Management ProgrammesBabcock£29,900-32,900
Marketing & Sales GraduateMichael Page£30,500
Marketing GraduateNestle£30,500

Career Opportunities for MBA in Sales

MBA in Sales graduates have the choice to wish from different job roles within the Advertising & Sales section. This includes sales executive, sales manager, PR manager, and many more.

Given below is a list of the most well-liked jobs in the UK after an MBA in sales specialization:

Job PositionName of RecruitersAverage Salary
Sales And Business Management Graduate SchemeNFU Mutual£27,500-29,800
Financial Services Sales Graduate SchemeNFU Mutual£27,500- 29,800
Medical Sales- East of EnglandChase People£25,500- 30,900
Business Development RepresentativeEgress£27,500
Marketing & Sales GraduateMichael Page£30,600

Career Opportunities for MBA in Operations

If you are searching to do MBA in Operations from a recognized UK university, there are different opportunities for their career development. Operations are part of all business organizations and the order for them will carry on increasing with instance.

Graduates with a specialization in Operations have outstanding prediction in terms of career development. Many Operations-MBA graduates begin their careers as analysts before moving on to roles of project guide principal analyst, and many more.

Given below is a list of one of the highest paying jobs in the field of operations for fresh MBA graduates:

Job PositionName of RecruitersAverage Salary
Pricing AnalystNFU Mutual£27,300
Research AnalystWine Intelligence Ltd£26,500-32,500
Communications Troop OfficerBritish Army£32,950
Commercial ManagerTPP£45,500
Graduate Business AnalystTPP£45,600

Career Opportunities for MBA in Human Resource (HR)

Human resource (HR) is an ever-growing industry not just in the UK but all around the world. Students who chose HR as their MBA specialization can significantly benefit from the talented industry that offers manifold jobs to fresh and experienced graduates.

The average salary of an HR resource in the UK goes up to £35,000. When it comes to career opportunities in the HR sector, names such as the British Army, IBM, and Veolia, and many more. come to mind.

Given below is the highest paying HR associated jobs that MBA degree holders should aspire for:

Job PositionName of RecruitersAverage Salary
HR OfficerBritish Army£32,900
HR GraduateVeolia£24,500-25,900
Trainee Nursing Recruitment ConsultantsGlobe Locums£20,500-35,500
HR Graduate SchemeNFU Mutual£27,300
HR PlacementIBM£18,500-19,500

Top Recruiters Seeking to Hire UK MBA Graduates

As we have previously seen how UK MBA graduates have different career opportunities at their hands to choose from. No matter which field of specialization they prefer for their MBA degree programme, the job market is talented and full of opportunities.

Given below is a list of top recruiters in the UK who are on the lookout for UK MBA degree holders to link their organization.

Name of RecruiterAverage Yearly Salary
Oliver Wyman£75,500
Roland Berger£54,500
FTI Consulting£64,500
Bain and Company£83,500
JP Morgan Chase & Co£143,500
Barclays Bank PLC£79,500
Ernst Young£126,000
Lloyds Banking Group£66,200
Santander£40,500- 60,500
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