MBA in USA Fees for Indian Students


MBA in USA for Indian Students

Agreeing to BLS, by 2024, about 1,38,000 new chances will be obtainable for business administration graduates in the USA. This is predictable to be a 23% rise in contrast with current demands. There is no wonder why global scholars love to follow MBA in the USA. Leadership roles are somewhat more singular and expressively linked with one’s soul. Reputed universities and business universities in the USA instruct global leadership skills in their MBA alumnae. Keep reading if you wish to know around the lesser-known astonishing facts on MBA in the USA.

Why Study MBA in USA

Highest MBA graduation – The US is having astonishing annals of the highest graduation rate in organization courses. Rendering to the US Section of Education, more than 1,26,000 MBA candidates are graduating every year. 

Topper in the ranking – As per the QS position and FT ranking, about 50 business schools in the USA are ranked globally. As per the Financial Times Global MBA ranking, 51 options from the US business schools are documented internationally.

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Exceptional career opportunities – Close to 500 international corporations’ HQs are in the locality of the USA. MBA alumnae are getting regular salaries of around 116,000 USD per annum. Thus, you have an amazing chance of receiving located with the top worldwide recruiters. The best asset for future returns!

Comprehensive Financial aid – Who doesn’t similar Scholarships? Around 348 universities deliver a wide range of scholarships for global scholars. 

MBA in USA for Indian Students

Industry experience – You are talented to obtain a wide range of training programs, residencies, experiential learning, and chances to interrelate with the global front-runners who prepare you to meet the marketplace demands.

TOP MBA Colleges in the USA

The main intent of any university is to fulfil your wants in different features. It covers the entire range from imparting information, internationally putative graduation, astonishing job chances, sophisticated life, and an excellent study experience. These are the leading reasons why international scholars show abundant love to the best business universities in the USA. Getting to distinguish about such MBA organizations is certainly significant which narrows down your investigation and helps to make the right decision in every possible aspect.

InstitutionQS Global ranking 2021FT Global ranking 2021
Stanford university13
University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business12
MIT (Sloan)36
London Business School67
HEC Paris79
UC Berkeley (Haas)912
Northwestern (Kellogg)1011

Cost of Studying in USA

To compute the cost of learning in USA, there are certain indispensables that you must keep in mind while seeing the option of moving to education abroad. These prerequisites comprise

  • Tuition fees of your chosen course
  • Accommodation expenses
  • Food costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Miscellaneous costs like books, entertainment, clothing, leisure, etc.

We have as long as below an regular annual cost for following a UG degree at dissimilar Universities in the USA:

Community College$17,930 (INR 1340358)
Private University$52,500 (INR 3924640)
Public University$41,950 (INR 3135974)

Let’s have a look at the average yearly PG costs now: 

Private University$41,000 (INR 3064957)
Public University$25,000 (INR 1868876)

Most Preferred MBA Specializations in the USA

Global request for specific skill sets in business administration amplifies the rank of various specializations in managing degrees. Did you know? In the top 100 MBA platforms, around 51 are highly documented by Financial Times’ Global MBA Ranking. The chief reason for this credit is through the admiration of the courses as well as the demand in the current business market. Present MBA degrees mostly focus on a scientific method towards business management. 

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  • MBA in General Management – General Management includes critical thinking, problem-solving, and risk management. A complete approach to complete management services that help to be positive global leaders. You also have a great chance to get into streams like business analytics, project excellence management, structural behavior, etc.,
  • MBA in Marketing – This is a maximum sought-after specialization for applicants who want to grow exponentially in their career ranking. You’ll get to acquaint yourself in the core marketing functions like publicity & sales raises, digital marketing, brand administration, etc., 
  • MBA in Human resource – Get a 2-year degree database that is intended to cover recruitment, organization, and proposals people to work with an group. 
  • MBA in consulting – Leading organizations in the USA proposals classes on business strategy, business communication, and organizational behaviour and makes you to meet the demands of the business world. MBA alumnae in referring will have high paying occasions in roles like Business adviser, business development boss, organization consultant, etc
  • MBA in Finance – Candidates who have a love for numbers, control, analytics, etc., are good to go with an MBA in Money in the USA. You’ll get to acquaint manually with business functions like fundraising, decision-making finance, investments, business budgeting, etc.,

Scholarship for MBA in the USA

The first nightmare of several scholar who wants to pursue higher schooling in the USA is predominantly the asset that they are going to make. Yes, it is one of the important deciding factors for scholars which need to be taken into thought extremely. Though, such skyrocketing expenditures can be efficiently touched by utilizing some of the best scholarships obtainable. Usually, you’ll be able to benefit either Merit-based or Need-based scholarships. Meaningful about the dissimilar scholarship preparations in the USA will assistance you to cut down the expenditures easily without any interference. 

Further down are some general scholarships arrangements in the USA, through which lakhs and lakhs of people are receiving benefited every year. 

  • Harvard Business School Scholarship – International scholars are gave up to 40,000 USD/year to cover up their tuition fees. 
  • McComb’s Scholarships and Fellowships  – Get a whole tuition fee relinquishment for all the semesters that range from 2000 USD. 
  • Forte Foundation Scholarships – This grant is awarded to the chosen female scholars who are learning in the Columbia business school. 
  • Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala – You can obtain up to 1 million USD to education MBA in the USA. 
  • Ramakrishnan Family Scholarship – Around 3 Indian scholars can avail 25,000 USD per year at Chicago business college.

MBA Fees in the USA

A well-known quote says that information doesn’t have a price tag. Though, we have to invest in receiving a quality education and make revenues out of it. Investing in an MBA in the USA is the most real way to acquire a lucrative career. Potential bosses, marketers, organization executives, and other capable job roles are the greater stresses of the present and future. Learning MBA in the USA can variety from 45,000 USD to 80,000 USD. It is too important to reflect the general cost which comprises preparation fees, tuition fees, cost of living, and various expenses. Our team strived to sort out the numerous costs related with MBA in the USA and have listed further down.

Pre-Departure Expenses

Getting prepared to learning MBA in the USA is one of the most significant things that need to be taken into thought. Before receiving the offer letters and before mooring in the USA, there are certain costs that need to be considered. It may comprise application costs, English skill test fees, visa custodies, flight tickets, etc., 

ComponentCost (USD)
Application cost504
SEVIS180 – 200

Average Tuition Fees for MBA in the USA

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Commonly, the tuition fees of an MBA in the USA are founded on the excellence of teaching of the university, the value of specialism, and popularity. Candidates who are looking for management sequences may either have a commercial already or poverty to ad-lib their skills, knowledge, and possible to the very next level There is a extensive range of grants in the USA available to decrease the fees. 

S.NoUniversityAverage Annual Tuition fees (USD)
1Stanford university 74,706
2University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business76,800
3University of Virginia- Darden73,990
4MIT (Sloan)77,168
5Harvard University73,440
6Columbia Business school 78,220
7Yale University72,350
8Chicago Booth73,440
9UC Berkley68,444
10Northwestern University 74,871

Cost of living in the USA

If you’re looking to live inexpensively in the USA, you are not unaccompanied. Every year, several people that comprise global scholars, business candidates, and shared people want to be legal provisional or permanent inhabitants in the USA. With proper pre-planning, analysis, and funding choices, you can enjoy the greatest vibrant cities and surroundings. Global students who are observing to lead a happy life while they are learning should have a peep at the table underneath. 

Major elements Average Expenses per Month (USD)
Food150 – 200
Accommodation 1200
Transportation150 – 300
Personal expenses 300 – 600
Health insurance 500 – 750

MBA Requirements in the USA

Whether you favour a full-time, part-time, decision-making, or online MBA, some requirements need to be satisfied by the aspirants. Candidates who have these abilities can be easily placed in their favorite options in the leading institutions. Majorly, global scholars need to be prepared with entry supplies, educational certifications, and dressed test scores.

Eligibility Criteria and exam requirements for MBA in the USA

  • Overseas candidates must have the rudimentary academic qualifications which are a three to four years bachelor’s degree. Though, most business schools or campuses expect scholars to have 16 years of preceding education from reputed institutes in their respective nations. 
  • GMAT/ GRE score is one of the greatest significant criteria for any commercial school and candidate must have a dressed score (Average GMAT score should be above 730/ GRE ranges from 150 to 165)
  • It is vital to get through linguistic proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL. 
  • Work experience is additional factor where some schools have mandatory supplies for their intake. Generally, global students who want to follow some specialized sequences must have 2 to 3 years of work experience.

Jobs After MBA in the USA

Foremost universities that offer top-class sequences nurtures global scholars for the future worldwide market. Top recruiters like Amazon and Google are fulfledgely welcoming alumnae for high-paid jobs. As of 2021, the regular annual salary made by management graduates falls around 115,000 USD. Recruiters hire scholars from numerous subdivisions that include finance, business, analytics, marketing, referring, etc., Presently the employment rate of MBA alumnae is 95%.  However, knowing almost the appropriate job role assistances the students to get prepared therefore. 

S. NoJob DesignationAverage Annual Salary(USD)
1Business development director 105,000
2Project Manager76,420
3Operation Manager62,461
4Finance Manager92,093
5Financial Analyst62,734
6Accounting Manager72,412
7Data analyst60,859
8Product Manager95,924
9HR Manager66,325
10HR Director90,542

MBA Salary in the USA

Getting revenues on what we capitalized is a special feeling. Capitalizing in management courses in the USA will always be valued in the future. Organization graduates are the great needs for dissimilar industries that comprise technology, firms, money, advertising, taught sectors, etc., 

The average yearly salary for MBA in technology 

International scholars who pursue MBA in skill get the highest-earning jobs in wide subdivisions. The regular yearly salary ranges about 112,000 USD. At the highest of the ladder, Chief Info Officers (CIOs) can get up to 202,000 USD per year. 


The regular annual salary for MBA in consulting 

One of the fastest-growing domains is referring, where MBA alumnae are in major request. Popular referring firms like BCG, McKinsey, and Bain deliver average salaries up to 165,000 USD/year. 

The average annual salary for MBA in Finance 

MBA in Finance is the greatest popular degree were alumnae from the USA are documented and accepted internationally. The average yearly salary of MBA alumnae in the stream of money can get up to 102,000 USD. 

The average annual salary for MBA in marketing 

Popular job roles like Marketing manager, marketing manager, and senior creation manager are well salaried by the top recruiters of the USA. The advanced range of yearly salary of MBA Marketing graduates from the documented institutions will be about 162,000 USD.

Work Permit after MBA in the USA

With the vivacious environment, rich philosophy, and widespread chances, it is hard for international scholars to leave the USA after implementation their graduation. With a student-friendly policy by the USA administration, you will be talented to acquire a post-graduate work license easily. You can stay back in the USA by land a documented F1 visa. Through OPT (Optional Practical Training) scheme; you can benefit of provisional employment opportunities. Scholars who follow a STEM package that comprises computer science, engineering, and business organization courses can avail themselves of up to 3 years of stay-back footings. 

The USA, documented for exceptional novelty, extensive investigation, quality teaching, and globally accepted grades, is one of the few terminuses where scholars love to follow their higher education. 

Summary Table of MBA in USA Fees for Indian Students

Cost of Pursuing MBA in the USA

Here we are as long as with the price of pursuing MBA from the top business universities of the USA. An MBA degree from a top commercial school of the USA would cost around $100,000 -200,000 which comprises annual tuition fees of $30,000 to $60,000. Separately from the tuition fee and hostel fee, the scholars have to bear expenditures including health and insurance, travel, scholar activity fee, computer and laptops, individual and books and provisions. In the table underneath, we have providing the list of top business schools and connected academic costs based on the past twosome of years fee particulars:

Top Business Schools Fee in the USA

NameTuition Fees for 1st yearTotal Fees for 1st year
Stanford Graduate School of Business$64,050$103,419 – $125,415
Harvard Business School$61,225$98,400 – $135,400
Kellogg School of Management$64,059$93,013
Booth School of Business$63,980$98,085
Tuck School of Business$64,200$99,655
Columbia Business School$65,988$99,824
Wharton School$70,870$100,454
Haas School of Business$57,220.50 (including health insurance)NA
Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management$59,500$84,960
MIT Sloan School of Management$65,750$98,014

Note: Total fees for 1st year comprise expenses like living payment, books and supplies, instructional resources, transportation costs, medical insurance, etc.

Cost of Pursuing MBA in the USA – Living costs

After getting admittance in any of the MBA platforms at Business School in the USA, the scholars will have to shell out per month lodgings and utility expenditure as under:

Best Business Schools in New Jersey

Groceries and shopping$250
Phone bills$50
Calling Cards$10

Apart from the aforementioned cost of following MBA in the USA, scholars also have to pay for GMAT /GRE and English language skill tests like TOEFL/IELTS which may price up to $170-220. An MBA degree from the top commercial universities of the the USA doesn’t come cheap particularly when we see that a alike degree in India is obtainable for 10-25 lakh rupees.

 But when we see the optimistic side of following MBA from a US business school we find the scholars with an MBA degree from US B-school directly start earning after conclusion of their sequence, their salaries being on regular three-four times advanced than their Indian degree holders.  This is since most of these top colleges have easy access to global companies and provide students a truly global exposure. 

Pre-arrival MBA in USA Fees for Indian Students

1. Tuition fee is your prime expenditure

Universities in the US are majorly alienated into two groups – Public/State and Private. The teaching cost at a public/state university is moderately lesser than that of a isolated institution. Your outlay on tuition fee be contingent on the type of requirement and university or school you opt for. To cover instruction fees, you will need approx. $8,000 to $55,000 (USD) a year (indicative). 

Most usually, humanities, arts and education sequences are cheaper, while topics such as medicine and manufacturing are likely to be more luxurious. If you wish to education at postgraduate level, the instruction fees are typically higher and the prices vary contingent on the program. As with most other republics, MBA programs are frequently the most expensive. The regular cost for these programs is approx. $35,000 yearly (indicative).

SchoolTuition fees in USD (indicative)
English language studies$700 to $2,000 a month
Community colleges$6,000 to $20,000 per year
bachelor degree
$20,000 to $40,000 per year
Graduate programs$20,000 to $45,000 per year
Doctoral degree$28,000 to $55,000 per year

If you want to bring depressed your educational expenditures, it is best to smear to various scholarships obtainable for Indian scholars.

2. Where will you live? Calculate accommodation costs

Most universities in the US offer on-campus house to global scholars. Living as a resident on-campus is a very reasonable option, though, you need to smear for it separately, and well fast in time to secure a slit for physically.  

You can also opt for off-campus lodging wherein you can part bed-sitters with other scholars from India or live in a homestay with a local domestic. In such cases, you must be open to regulating to a dissimilar lifestyle than India. Remember, the fees vary from city to city.

If you opt to rent an bed-sitter, you will have to moreover pay for usefulness bills like electricity, internet, water practice and also tenant’s cover (in some areas of housing). In most cases, colleges help the students in finding lodging, both on-campus as well as off-campus. The lodging cost in the US varies by area and lies anywhere between $6,000 and $14,000 per year.

3. Cost of your student visa

To education in the US, the first step is to safe a valid scholar visa and that comes with its own costs (approx. US$ 160 as an application fee). Feel free to refer your IDP counsellor for latest informs and information on the visa application procedure and related costs. 

4. Living expenses

You need to save a little money sideways for your grocery spending, social activities and crises. When living in a foreign country as a scholar, it is better to keep path of your expenses so that you do not overspend. Seeing various expenditures and living costs, a single scholar budget in the US comes amid US$ 10,000 and US$ 25,000 per moot year (indicative) contingent on the city they choose to live. You must also consider these common expenses when making your budget:

ExpensesAverage yearly cost*
Books and Stationery$500- $1000
Travelling$500- $1200
Clothes and footwear$500
Miscellaneous expenses$2000

5. Keep safe. Consider health support and insurance

It is obligatory for all scholars travelling to the US from India to get medical cover before the commencement of their database. Several American colleges and colleges have started comprehensive health cover plans for global scholars, but that is appropriate as long your program is on-going and ceases upon conclusion. 

Certain organizations may not offer any cover, and hence you will have to position for private medical cover (your IDP therapist will guide you with the same). Extensive health and provision facilities are readily obtainable for all Indian scholars in the US. As per the American College Health Connotation, the average cost of a scholar health cover plan ranges amid USD 1,500-2,500 for a year. 

6. Transportation. Distinguish how much it will cost to move around

Clark University

If your institution delivers with a shuttle service to-and-fro from your room, you’ll have to rely on the available public conveyance. 

For short distancesYou can make use of local trains, buses, and subways. It is a good idea to get once-a-month passes for itinerant to college and back as these can be justly cheap.
For long distancesFor itinerant between dissimilar cities, you can avail any of the following choices: Long-distance busRailAir

7. Don’t ignore your taxes

Indian scholars in the US are allowable to work 20 hours per week during theoretical sessions and full-time during holidays. If you choose to work sideways with your studies, your made income may be chargeable. 

Remember, the conversation rate differences may also affect your planning. We suggest you also look for a job-sharing job while you are learning in the US or seek grant in the universities you apply to. This can assistance lower your cost of learning overseas to a great extent. 

Post-arrival MBA in USA Fees for Indian Students

Total cost with a table

The underneath table shows the summary of the total cost of MS in the US:

Cost parameters Amount in USDAmount in INR
TOEFL entrance exam costs$180₹12,600
GRE entrance exam Fee$205₹15,200
Application Fee$50 to $200 +$20 +$27 = $1,100₹81,400
Airfare expense$675₹50,000
Cost of tuition$40,000₹29,60,000
Cost of living$15,000₹11,10,000

Fees at the top-ranked colleges in the US

The fee structure differs depending on the universities and type of platform. 

The fees at the top-ranked colleges in the US are shown as further down:

University NameAverage Cost for 1 year
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US$53,450
Stanford University, US$57,861
Harvard University, US $48,008
California Institute of Technology, Caltech, US$52,506
University of Chicago, US$49,800 

Cost of different fields of learning

The cost of dissimilar fields of study in the USA is shown further down:

University NameCourse NameAverage Cost (1year)
Harvard University, USAMBA$113,551.5
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USAMaster of Science in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering$74,810.4
Harvard University, USAMaster of Science in Data Science $73,474.5
Standard University, USAMaster of Science in Computer Science$61,451.4

Fees for the top course

The average fee for the top master’s courses in the US is given further down:

Course NameAverage Cost (1year)
MS in Cyber Security$44,084.7
Master of Science in Information Systems$36,069.3
MS in Computer Graphics Technology$41,412.9
Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering$74,810.4
MS in Information Systems Management$80,154
Master of Science in Data Science $73,474.5
Master of Science in Civil Engineering$33,397.5
Master of Science in Computer Science$61,451.4
MA in Animation$41,412.9

How to manage the costs study in US?

Scholarships and funding are the best options to achieve the expenses. The scholars can apply for financial aid at the time of request submission. There is a variety of grants provided by American colleges and colleges. The type of prize and amount of money obtainable for grants totally depends on which university you have practical to. Some popular studentships you can apply as an Indian scholar to study in the USA are such as Hubert Humphrey Communion Program, AAUW Global Fellowships, American University Developing Global Leader Scholarship, and IEFA grant, etc. Leap Finance is a neo bank for refugees. We deliver education loans for international scholars. 

Cost of Living in USA for an Indian Student

Cost of Living in USA for International Students

Tuition fee is the chief expense in USA but apart from that, scholars also have to bear the cost of living in USA. All worldwide scholars have to cover costs like portable, lodging, health cover and various expenses like books, leisure doings and phone expenses. The monthly expenditure of global students can range between $1000 to $4000 [73,500 INR – 2,93,500 INR).

Hostel ability can also touch the cost of living in USA possibly and make a enormous impact on your cheap because living in a rented apartment strength really put a dent in your pocket. When it comes to scheming the cost of learning in USA, if you reflect living on your own in a rented apartment in a place like Los Angeles, it might really cost you about 1,50,000 INR per month. If you add other expenditures such as basic values, transportation, and food, then you would be expenditure an average of 4,10,000 INR on a once-a-month basis apart from your tuition fees if your present lifestyle costs you 1,10,000 INR in Delhi, NCR as per NUMBEO. 

Living Expenses

The once-a-month cost of living in USA are about $700-$1000 (INR 52328 – 74755) which books for $10000-$12000 (INR 747550 – 897060) yearly. The charges are comprehensive of lodging, room food, travel, textbooks, and other extra necessities. Let’s have a look at the collapse of the charges:

  1. Lodging costs around $5000-$7000 (INR 373775- 523285) yearly.
  2. For off-campus accommodation, rental charges are closely $300-$400 per month.
  3. Food approximations to be around $2500 (INR 186887) per year.
  4. Itinerant costs within the USA range from $300-$700 (INR 22426- 52328) depending on the location.
  5. Textbooks and education material costs are nearly $500-$1000 (INR 37377- 74755) yearly.
  6. Other expenditures will be around $2000 (INR 149510) yearly.

The cost of living in USA for global students is usually high because of the fact that scholars from crossways the globe plan on following their higher educations in the USA. However, the cost differs depending upon the site chosen as well. For example, if the university is in a city like New York, the cost of living for scholars is very high. Whereas, on the conflicting, for universities situated in suburban areas be it Ohio or Indiana, the cost of alive is significantly low.


Accommodation is following while scheming cost of living in USA for global scholars. Most American universities offer on-campus housing to international scholars which is definitely the cheaper option. You can also live in an apartment close your college. The cost of accommodation varies anywhere between $6000 to $12000 [4,40,000 INR to 8,80,000 INR] yearly. International scholars can also go for choices like a homestay or live with local carers or relatives if they live close to the campus to reduce costs.

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