MBA Programs in Utah

MBA Programs in Utah

Located in the west, Utah is a general tourist destination for outdoor and fun activities and has a sole history all its own. The name “Utah” is resulting from the Ute tribe (Native American) and interprets to “people of the mountains.” Many persons choose to study in Utah since of its diverse and beautiful sceneries ranging from thriving pine forests to grand, dry deserts; there are three distinct physical regions including the Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin, and the Colorado Plateau. Topics under Article : MBA Programs in Utah | Study in Utah | Utah MBA Ranking | Tuition for MBA Programs in Utah | Jobs After Studying MBA in Utah

MBA Programs in Utah

Study in Utah

International scholars in Utah will most probable live within the state’s two major city areas: Salt Lake City or Logan. About 80% of Utah’s 2.8 million populaces live along the Wasatch Front (centering on Salt Lake City). Since the populace is so focused in this one area the rest of the national is nearly unoccupied, making Utah’s population the sixth most urbanized in the United States.


University of Utah proposals a wide variety of scholar and graduate programs to international students. There are numerous programs to select from to receive a degree. These comprise:

  • Best Business School #54;
  • Entrepreneurship #17;
  • Best Engineering School #55;
  • Computer Engineering #49;
  • Nuclear Engineering #28;
  • Computer Science #43;
  • Mathematics #34.

As you can see, University of Utah offers a wide diversity of programs in numerous dissimilar fields that would petition to international students. The above registered programs are only a example of what Utah has to proposal. Check out the link providing above for a full list of academic packages offered at University of Utah.

Application Requirements

Like all United States colleges and higher education packages, University of Utah has an application(s) that international students need to whole in order to be careful for receipt. There are a number of different necessities that need to be satisfied. These comprise:

  • Official transcripts shiny advancement from a high school/secondary school/undergraduate package. They should be printed and sealed, and if they are not in English, a expert literal English translation is obligatory. The average GPA at University of Utah is 3.5;
  • Some of the dissimilar programs and/or officers, particularly the graduate programs, may need letters of reference. Please check with the exact program you wish to smear to in order to see how numerous are obligatory of you.
  • Some of the programs may also need a personal declaration and resume.
  • A least TOEFL (iBT) score of 80 with an IELTS of 6.5.
  • The regular ACT for applicants into University of Utah is between a 21-27
  • The least GRE differs by program, so please check with your wanted program for more information. 

Cost of studying MBA in Utah

Study in Utah


The projected resident tuition and fees for the University of Utah Full-Time MBA database is $65,000 total for the 2-year duration of the package.

Not a resident? We deliver extra scholarship funding to concealment the difference amid resident and non-resident tuition.

This approximation comprises tuition and fees for 62 total obligatory credit hours taken over four semesters and will be diverse for dual and simultaneous degree scholars. Rates may change deprived of notice. International scholars may be subject to extra fees.


All Full-Time MBA candidates are mechanically considered for merit-based program grants. No separate scholarship request is required.

Scholarships are gave to candidates who prove outstanding academic and professional attainment based on the following criteria:

  • Academic achievement
  • GMAT/GRE scores
  • Work experience
  • Overall applicant profile

The total number of scholarships gave varies each year.

Merit-Based Scholarships

90 to 95% of scholars receive tuition grants each year, chiefly due to the generosity of our graduates. The middle 80% of these honours range from $20,000 to $50,000. Studentships are awarded founded on the info provided in the request and interview process. Scholarship choices are included with receipt proposals.

Non-Resident Scholarships

We worth geographic variety in our scholar body. If you are admitted to the package and do not succeed for resident instruction, you will obtain a non-resident tuition grant to bring your tuition levels near to local levels.

Financial Aid

Student Loans

There are numerous scholar loan programs accessible to help finance graduate education, counting:

  • Federal Stafford Unsubsidized Loan
  • Graduate PLUS Loan
  • Private Education Loan

Each loan has dissimilar stipulations, so please contact the University of Utah Financial Aid to see what you succeed for and which loan would be the finest fit for you. Begin smearing for federal help by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

Military Funding

The Full-Time MBA package fully ropes its veterans and active military scholars. We are strong-minded to ensure the success of scholar veterans and offer numerous resources to control what funding is obtainable for your service.

The University of Utah’s Veteran Support Centre concentrates in veteran affairs and performances as a reserve for helping you comprehend and enroll in your fit tuition welfares..

The University of Utah is also a spouse of Military MBA, which offers a variety of studentships.

Utah MBA Rankings

The ranking of MBA plug-ins is certainly not an exact science and plenty of personal reasoning and biases come into show. We offer visions into ranking as additional way to assess a potential MBA program.

Of the 6 AACSB Credited MBA programs obtainable in Utah, of them have been documented by at least one distinguished book (MBAGuide, PQ, US News, Forbes, BW and FT) gathering an award as one of the finest MBA programs in the country.

Utah schools have made a total of 14 Best MBA prizes from publications. Here are the top MBA schools and the number of prizes the each database has garnered:

  • Brigham Young University: 6
  • University of Utah: 4
  • Weber State University: 1
  • Utah Valley University: 1
  • Southern Utah University: 1
  • Utah State University: 1

Magazines and the number of awards granted for Utah schools:

  • MBAGuide: 6
  • PQ: 2
  • US News: 2
  • Forbes: 1
  • BW: 2
  • FT: 1

Tuition for MBA Programs in Utah

If you plan on presence an MBA package, it’s best to start thinking around fiscal responsibility. A prospective B-Student wants to weigh their tuition choices. An AACSB-accredited MBA program can pave the way for a great preliminary salary or career progression. An online MBA program can provide the suppleness of completing a program while being working in your own career.

An MBA package in Utah will cost you between $17,114 to $85,701 each year contingent on how you compute tuition as in-state, out-of-state, or out-of-country. Implementation your MBA in Utah will cost, on average, for in-state tuition, $31,542

  • Lowest: $17,114 from Weber State University
  • Highest: $59,905 from University of Utah
  • Average: $31,542 from Utah’s 6 MBA Programs
  • Average: $34,774 from 172 Online MBA Programs

Tuition Costs

GMAT Scores for MBA Programs in Utah

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a consistent examination second-hand by MBA schools to measure their applicant pool. The test is deliberately designed to amount an candidate’s analytical, verbal, writing and exact skills. The GMAT is used as a forecaster of success in MBA packages and tests one’s aptitude to positively handle the advanced measurable and qualitative study of business and administration.

To be putative into an MBA program in Utah you will need a least GMAT score of 538.00. The average GMAT score for getting into a Utah MBA program is 619.83.

  • Lowest: 538 from Utah Valley University
  • Highest: 672 from Brigham Young University
  • Average: 620 from Utah’s 6 MBA Programs
  • Average: 553 from 172 Online MBA Programs

Faculty Strength for MBA Programs in Utah

Full-Time Faculty

Highly modest MBA schools recruit part-time and full-time lecturers that are both researchers and industry influencers. They are the subject substance authorities in their own field. Most business professors have knowledgeable success in the business world and have written lengthily in their chosen field. The amount of highly-qualified full-time ability is directly related to the standing of most elite MBA programs.

The number of full-time ability for MBA programs in Utah varieties from a low of 27 lecturers to a high or 137.

  • Lowest: 27 from Southern Utah University
  • Highest: 137 from Brigham Young University
  • Average: 77 from Utah’s 6 MBA Programs
  • Average: 72 from 172 Online MBA Programs

Percent of Faculty with a PhD

Additional high-level viewpoint to consider when decisive the quality of an MBA faculty is to note the number of faculty who have made a PhD in their own area of excellence. Note to writer – create a fuller quantity of content for this section.

In Utah MBA programs variety from 67.20% of the ability having a PhD to a 91.80% of the MBA faculty having a PhD.

  • Lowest: 67% from Utah Valley University
  • Highest: 92% from Weber State University
  • Average: 81% from Utah’s 6 MBA Programs
  • Average: 84% from 172 Online MBA Programs

Student to Faculty Ratio

Quality MBA programs capitalize in the number of professors relative to the scholars presence the program. Usually known as the Scholar Faculty ratio. Usually, the lower the ratio, the healthier it is for scholars. MBA scholars will get the modified one-on-one care from faculty mentors that have wide experience in the business. The Student/Ability metric is a matter of personal favourite and for those scholars who excel in talk hall environments, you may not need the low scholar/faculty ratio.

In Utah the scholar faculty ratio for MBA programs ranges from the lowermost (best) of 27:50 the highest (less desirable) of 447:50.

  • Lowest: 27:50 from Utah Valley University
  • Highest: 447:50 from University of Utah
  • Average: 489:100 from Utah’s 6 MBA Programs.
  • Average: 121:25 from 172 Online MBA Programs.

Student Enrolment for Utah MBA Programs

The rank of networking, whether it’s by way of grounds job fairs, student organization memberships, or ability mentorship, should not be modest. The average MBA enrolment size has a direct impact on your educations, your job forecasts, and your aptitude to define your career goals.

Full- & Part-Time MBA Student Enrollment

Every B-School has a plan behind their enrolment sizes. If a potential B-Student is looking for networking chances, wants to join job fairs, and plans on connection pupil organizations, B-School enrolment size plays an significant role in the decision making procedure. For the B-Student absorbed in the smaller cohort-style classroom knowledge and thrive with face-to-face teamwork with their lecturers, a manageable enrolment size is the favoured option.

For Utah state’s MBA platforms, the range for full-time enrolment is between 190 and 1,300. For part-time enrollment, the range is between 246 and 426.

  • Lowest: 190 from Southern Utah University
  • Highest: 1,300 from University of Utah
  • Average: 691 from Utah’s 6 MBA Programs
  • Average: 221 from 172 Online MBA Programs

Percent of Global MBA Student Population

The MBA programs in the United States are sought-after about the world and attract a healthy percentage of worldwide students each year. A socially diverse scholar population is particularly significant in an ever-changing worldwide economy. With cumulative globalization, a well-diversified scholar body from outdoor the United States can deliver much needed worldwide world-view as well as valued networking chances.

In Utah the percentage of scholars from the United States differs from a low of 82% to a high of 90%.

  • Lowest: 82% from Brigham Young University
  • Highest: 90% from University of Utah
  • Average: 86% from Utah’s 6 MBA Programs
  • Average: 76% from 0 Online MBA Programs

Top MBA Concentrations Available in Utah

Highly modest B-Schools recruit part-time and full-time lecturers that are both theoretical and industry influencers. They are the subject substance experts in their own concentrations. To meet the varied needs of Utah trades, MBA packages here have risen to the test by offering you an array of more than 32 MBA attentions counting:

  • Marketing: 7
  • Management: 7
  • Accounting: 6
  • Finance: 6
  • General Business: 6
  • Information Systems: 5
  • International Business: 5
  • Entrepreneurship: 5
  • Economics: 5
  • Quantitative Methods: 4

Here are the top schools offering the widest variety of concentrations to choose from comprises:

  • University of Utah: 27
  • Brigham Young University: 21
  • Southern Utah University: 14
  • Weber State University: 11
  • Utah State University: 11
  • Utah Valley University: 8
  • Westminster College: 3
  • Western Governors University: 1

MBA Accreditation

MBA Programs in Utah

MBA Accreditation in Utah

The rank of accreditation can’t be underrated. For many, knowing your university is accredited by the AACSB and locally credited by the US Department of Education is sufficient pledge that you will receive a excellence education, where praises are more likely to transmission, and you will be qualified for loans, grants, and grants.

AACSB authorization is considered to be the gold normal in business school credentialing. Established to endorse high-quality business teaching in the U.S., AACSB members industrialized a stringent authorization procedure. Members are held answerable for following an recognized business education outline set forth by the AACSB. With that come MBA degrees deliveries that are widely documented by Fortune 500 companies. This results in lucrative job chances.

 Jobs after studying MBA in Utah

An MBA is a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and it is a hard advanced gradation that helps scholars take their former bachelor’s degrees and their skills to the following level. Though some may think that this grade is only for people previously complicated in commercial, it can truly be used by aspiring persons in nearly any field, counting finance, technology and health care. It is also a countless tool for persons who want to exertion for themselves or who want to be businesspersons. This grade equips scholars with the skills and information necessary to be bests in their fields.

MBA programs characteristically last about two years for scholars who take classes full-time. Though, some programs do proposal faster completion times, and others offer choices for scholars who want to learn part-time while on-going with their current job errands. Candidates must typically take some type of business university entrance inspection to be considered for any MBA program.

Investment Banker

While not many persons make it into the biosphere of asset banking, it is an incredibly profitable and satisfying career for those who are eager to pour themselves into their occupations in the first few ages of their careers. This is a difficult occupation to get and characteristically needs an amazing resume, astonishingly positive transcripts and a fabulous and flawless talk process. In addition, this vocation nearly always comprises an MBA from a highest school. Without an MBA, most persons do not gain admission to this

Financial Manager

MBAs let persons quickly get into organisation positions in closely any sector. In the financial subdivision, most financial bosses today have master’s degrees with an stress on MBAs. Moreover, financial bosses often get expert certifications to show their promise to their jobs and to demonstration their level of information. The Chartered Financial Analyst guarantee is one option as is the Certified Treasury Professional warranty.

Marketing Manager

Listed as number one in finest sales and marketing jobs by U.S. News and World Report, advertising organization is a profitable and popular career for persons who enjoy publicity, client service and original vision. The beauty of this job is that it is very varied as far as jobs that an separate will do. In a typical year, these persons will help companies create advertising materials, do design work, make Websites and organization campaigns to bring more occupational to the corporation.

Other marketing bosses work on finances and contracts for staff, make radio and television advertising campaigns, negotiate advertising agreements, create market investigation educations and analyse completed research educations. Bosses must also be conscious of the cost for all advertising movements. This job needs a great deal of communication with co-workers who must be talented to work as a side as well as with customers who will continuously want to be kept in the loop.

Sales Manager

Coming in directly behindhand marketing administration in best sales and marketing occupations in the United States, sales management is an thrilling and wealthy career as numerous companies are taking in-depth looks at how and where they sell their crops. Sales managers are very significant today as they help companies reach out to new clienteles, keep current clienteles, set new sales goals and create new plans for reaching out to clienteles in this increasingly digitalized biosphere.

Information Technology Manager

An IT manager has a background in processors and uses that information along with a contextual in business and management to head up large IT teams in a wide diversity of businesses. Nearly every business these days requires IT specialists to help them meet their daily working goals. There are currently over 350,000 IT management occupations in the United States, and most persons in this career work for computer systems design companies.

Others work for info, finance, insurance or management businesses. Their daily tasks include preparation and installing new hardware and software, maintaining computer and network security, analyzing costs of new systems, upgrading networks and directing other IT teams. For instance, they may hire and direct the work of computer systems forecasters, software developers and computer support teams so that all are employed for the same overall company goals.

Management Consultant

A management adviser is often freelance, working straight with particular businesses to complete exact projects before moving on to new schemes. Many high-end advisers work directly with CEOs and highest organization teams for large businesses to help them develop cutting-edge plans that will allow them to continue relevant in today’s shifting cheap.

Health Services Manager

Health services managers smear their in-depth commercial and management skills to the biosphere of health care, often working for infirmaries, skilled nursing facilities, clinics and additional health care facilities. These professionals safeguard that health care amenities are following the rules instituted by administration and accrediting activities. They also supervise many physicians and other health care labours. Therefore, they must have excellent critical rational and communiqué skills.

Senior Product Manager

Product managers oversee the manufacture of new products from start to finish. They are typically employed in the skill sector and often help create mobile plans, Websites, apps and digital foodstuffs. Therefore, not only must these individuals comprehend technology, but also they must comprehend the business side of advertising, sales and finance.

Business Operations Manager

While MBAs do not have to be rummage-sale only in business-related jobs, as proven overhead, some trades certainly do value this degree particularly in those who hold administration positions. Those with MBAs are typically proven leaders who have many skills sets, can work in a team and can analyse data to make smart choices.

MBA Degree Alternatives

There are some replacements that can help with a vocation in finance, business, or organization for those who aren’t absorbed in an MBA. The Master of Finance degree is finance-specific, captivating only one year to whole. It delivers alumnae with the skills needed in trading, investments, asset management, or risk organization.

Other graduate grades in related fields are also good choices for somebody observing to focus on economics, statistics, applied mathematics, or accounting.

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) package is a self-study platform that offers a complete curriculum covering three heights of study. Each level is tested by stimulating exams.4 The prospectus is careful by numerous to be equivalent to alumna teaching, and charter containers often are thought valuable in the hiring procedure.

Other self-study sequencers are just as sought-after, such as the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) title and the SOA actuarial examinations.

This is it in MBA Programs in Utah | Study in Utah | Utah MBA Ranking | Tuition for MBA Programs in Utah | Jobs After Studying MBA in Utah . Check More on Study Abroad .

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