MBA Programs in Wisconsin

MBA Programs in Wisconsin

International scholars in Wisconsin will have admission to first-rate academic involvements with a full range of activities and environments from which to select. Whether you’re studying in one of the numerous culturally-rich main cities or her scenic and agrarian country towns, “America’s Dairyland” offers an international scholar the best of both creations. Topics Under Article : MBA Programs in Wisconsin | Easy Scholarships for International Students | Easy Scholarships for International Scholars | The Highest Paying MBA Concentrations | Tuition for MBA Programs in Wisconsin | GMAT Scores for MBA Programs in Wisconsin .

MBA Programs in Wisconsin

The state has a rich history of cultural and cultural diversity dating back to its early settlement which it upholds to this day. Global scholars in Wisconsin will be talented to gain contact through their educations to a number of practical areas in thriving Wisconsin industries as diverse as manufacturing, agriculture and entertainment—not to reference the rigors of old-style academic disciplines at one of the state’s numerous fine institutions of higher education.

It’s modest—our practitioner-led learning perfect. Saint Mary’s teachers are leaders in the field who are absorbed on authorizing you as a business expert, providing real-world instances, and serving you develop a expert network that will provision you in your instructive journey and beyond. Your knowledge at Saint Mary’s will be very rewarding—personally and jobwise. When you alumna, you’ll be ready to tackle the new challenges that come with progress and increased management responsibilities.


The MBA program at Saint Mary’s gives you the choice to select from one of four specialism tracks:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management

Students might also select to pursue a master’s without specialism and select courses from each of these core parts.

MBA Programs in Wisconsin : Student life

The Wisconsin Undergraduate Business Council signifies the interests of scholars through a Student Senate and scholar outreach proceedings throughout the year. There are over 45 scholar organizations, business worlds, and five scholar committees. There are scholar governments for each of the 10 officers, as well as officialdoms for other scholar interests, such as investment banking and as a friend responsible business. Diverse interests are signified through the Multicultural Business Scholar Organization, Women in Business, Asian Business and Economic Scholar Association, and the National Association of Black Bookkeepers.

Students can participate in over 30 study abroad opportunities, as well as student-run workshops by the Accenture Leadership Center.

Full Time MBA

Change Course

About this course
Duration2 Years
LevelMaster’s Program

Course Description

  • Ranked # 14 amongst public university full time MBA platforms by U.S News & World Report in 2018
  • Program is ranked # 1 in the U.S for reoccurrence on asset by U.S News & World Report  2016
  • The package uses a characteristic boutique method to deliver highly attentive groundwork in the chosen career specialism
  • Scholar can choose from one of the ten specializations
    • Applied Security Examination
    • Arts Management
    • Brand and Product Management
    • Corporate Finance and Investment Banking
    • Marketing Research
    • Operations and Technology Management
    • Real Estate
    • Risk Management and Insurance
    • Strategic Human Resource Management
    • Supply Chain Management

1st year tuition fees

Fees componentsAmount
Tuition & feesINR 31,49,847
  • Other expenses in 1st year
Fees componentsAmount
Hostel & MealsINR 6,58,677
InsuranceINR 2,03,283
TransportationINR 2,58,160
Segregated FeesINR 1,07,100
Books and suppliesINR 84,824
Miscellaneous ExpensesINR 3,85,839
ComputerINR 1,10,640
International Student FeeINR 14,752
Program FeeINR 29,504
TotalINR 18,52,779

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for this course
Class 12thNo specific cutoff stated
BachelorsNo specific cutoff stated 4-year bachelor degree; 3-year bachelor degree trailed by finished master degree; 3-year bachelor degree followed by sure postgraduate diplomas that are whichever AIU (Association of Indian Universities) of AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) accepted; these postgrad certificates are all evaluated separatelyCandidates from an international organization must demonstrate strong academic attainment comparable to a 3.00 out of 4.0 for an scholar or master’s degreeThere is no pre-requisite for the platform however information of statistics or economics would be helpfulA bachelor’s degree from a locally accredited U.S. institution or a similar degree from an global institution is obligatory. International applicants must have a degree equal to a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degreeA least undergraduate grade-point regular (GPA) of 3.00 on the equal of the last 60 semester hours (approximately two years of work) or a master’s degree with a smallest cumulative GPA of 3.00 is required
ExamsTOEFL : 100 IELTS : 7.5 PTE : 73 GRE : Accepted GMAT : Accepted
Additional infoCandidates are excused from giving ELP tests if English is the exclusive linguistic of instruction at the undergraduate institutionMany of the self-confessed scholars have work experience but it is not requiredGMAT should be surrendered off if:Proposal of original transcripts, along with transcripts evaluated by World Evaluation Services (WES)Cumulative GPA of 3.3 or advanced (on a 4.0 scale)At least one progressive math sequence or quantitative courses like finance or secretarial with a B or betterAt least five years of professional full-time work knowledge.

Scholarship for MBA Program

Easy Scholarships for International Students

On this post we will do our preeminent to find some great chances for Easy Scholarships for Global Scholars that they can utilize.  We will last to add to this page, so be sure to check it out o’er.

The United States is one of  the major destinations for scholars who are looking to advantage from a top cut and widely documented international education.  Being a scholar in USA, you are limited to very few grant options.  To help you, we have calm information from several capitals to come up with a list of Easy Scholarships 2017 for scholars in the USA  as well as few grant opportunities decided by US government and institutions.

Easy Scholarships for International Scholars – By the Government

Foreign Fulbright Student Program

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program allows alumna students, young specialists and artists from abroad to study and behaviour research in the United States. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program functions in more than 155 countries universal. About 4,000 foreign students receive Fulbright grants each year.

Humphrey Fellowship Program

The Humphrey Fellowship Program is for knowledgeable professionals absorbed in strengthening their management skills through a joint exchange of information and understanding about subjects of common anxiety in the U.S. and Fellows’ home republics. As a non-degree package, the Communion offers valued chances for specialized development through designated university sequences, attending sessions, networking, and practical work involvements.

Easy Scholarships for International Students by US Colleges and Universities

American University Scholarships
American University (AU) awards a limited amount of substantial partial merit scholarships. American University’s merit awards for international scholars are partial, not full, scholarships. They are extremely competitive and founded on a combination of outstanding academic attainment, excellent communication services in English, leadership, volunteerism, and public service.

AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship Program The AU EGL studentship covers all billable AU expenses (full tuition, room and board) for one global scholar who will need a visa (preferably an F-1 or J-1 student visa) to education in the United States. The scholarship does not cover non-billable expenditures such as obligatory health insurance, books, airline tickets and various expenses (approximately U.S.$4,000 per year).

Amherst College Scholarships

The award is occasionally called an “aid package” because it may comprise both self-help (employment) and gift aid (scholarships and grants). Scholars with lower financial need will be obtainable self-help. Scholars with greater need will be obtainable a combination of self-help and gift aid. Amherst College has replaced all initially packed, need based scholar loans with grant help and also offers $2,000 in an service opportunity.

The Highest Paying MBA Concentrations

This list topographies 10 of the highest-paying MBA attentions, highlighting expert specializations that usually lead to well-paid career paths. Though, the continually shifting nature of various industries and productions means that any ranking of this type is improbable to be definitive. Instead, this list travels several high-paying fields and occupations in which MBA alumnae are in high demand.

Earning a specialized MBA attentiveness can help scholars improve their career forecasts, but the degree doesn’t assurance a six-figure salary directly upon graduation. Most of the top-paying locations in any industry require important professional knowledge and a proven record of business achievement — neither of which are certain by earning an MBA alone. Though, the degree can set applicants on the path to upper-level organization and other top positions.

This ranking considers regular salary levels for numerous career paths, but it also receipts into account general service trends and projected manufacturing growth. Beyond contribution high salaries, these attentions represent growing businesses likely to see continued growth in the coming decade. Most of the attentions on this list combine competitive pay potential with a healthy industry outlook, giving MBA alumnae a stronger chance of continued progression and higher total earnings over the sequence of their career.

Easy Scholarships for International Students


One of the most general and highest-paying MBA attentions, organization tracks introduce progressive business notions and prepare students to plan, manage, and make decisions for governments of all types. General and no-concentration MBA programs typically also focus heavily on overall management.

A management MBA offers the benefit of building broad, extensively applicable skills that hold significance for most sectors of business. These packages cover major business concepts such as organizational organization, marketing, economics, finance, and business ethics. Given that these ideas apply to nearly all types of commercial, a management attentiveness prepares graduates for an variety of career paths. However, more specialized locations may prefer candidates with more particular concentrations.

Applicants who specialize in organization can development to the highest levels of an society and assume top management roles that boast some of the uppermost salaries. However, these locations almost always need significant expert experience along with education.

Chief Executive Officer$112,000$133,000$160,000
Vice President, Operations$97,000$113,000$132,000
Divisional VP, General Manager$103,000$123,000$138,000


Entrepreneurship emphases on strategies and best does for starting new commercial ventures, with a specific emphasis on innovation, business preparation, and business forecasting methods. This attentiveness typically helps applicants interested in establishment their own trades, but scholars can also use entrepreneurship skills to energize existing trades and other organizations.

Most entrepreneurship packages stress planning and viability assessment methods. They provide scholars with the tools to analyse and project the marketability and possible success of business thoughts. Another key curriculum module is innovation, as scholars explore the ways in which trades enact effective change in their procedures and services.

Salary prospects for entrepreneurship MBAs can vary more than other attentions due to the inherent randomness of starting new commercial ventures. Though, entrepreneurship graduates can too use their services to pursue a variety of management and consulting roles with existing trades, which yield generally high pays.

Chief Executive Officer$112,000$133,000$160,000
Management Consulting Firm Partner$140,000$155,000$227,000
Venture Capital Firm Associate$91,000$113,000$150,000



A key constituent of any business, finance ranks high amongst MBA concentrations for its wide significance and high pay potential. This concentration trains scholars to analyze financial outcomes to aid in executive practices, ensuring an organization leftovers as profitable as likely. The BLS projects vocations for finance bosses to grow 16% from 2018-2028, with chiefly high growth predictable for fields such as cash organisation and risk management.

An MBA in money builds key information and skills in organization, financial planning, and financial examination. The program usually covers topics such as planning, accounting, finances, and taxation. Numerous programs also travel high-level outlines for analyzing and projecting financial change, such as analytics and big statistics.

Financial organization and examination play a energetic role in any group, and finance graduates can follow careers in any subdivision of business. As with greatest career paths, advanced teaching typically leads to advanced career opportunities, but candidates also need to garner significant experience and demonstrate a record of success to move into the highest-level financial management locations.

Financial Director$80,000$106,000$123,000
Chief Financial Officer$100,000$116,000$138,000
Vice President of Finance$119,000$130,000$153,000


Almost all businesses rely on marketing to raise customer consciousness of their brand and generate attention in their products or facilities. Marketing can take numerous forms, such as advertising, publicity strategies, social media, public relations, and market research. The BLS schemes the job outlook for publicity, promotions, and advertising managers to grow 8% from 2018-2028, which is advanced than the national regular.

Marketing managers most usually take responsibility for emerging, overseeing, and assessing the efficiency of marketing strategies. So, an MBA in marketing shelters key business organization practices along with advertising topics such as advertising and public relations. These packages also prepare alumnae to analyze marketing tendencies and implement effective advertising strategies that reflect altering consumer attitudes.

Earning an MBA in advertising prepares applicants for marketing management and director locations, most of which fall within the kingdom of mid- and upper-level management. Bosses may take accountability for individual aspects or the overall direction of a company’s advertising strategy.

Marketing Director$59,000$82,000$102,000
Chief Marketing Officer$99,000$134,000$178,000
Advertising and Promotions Director$50,000$74,000$83,000


The Highest Paying MBA Concentrations

Information Technology

Information technology reinforces most aspects of contemporary business, creating a high demand for technology cream of the crop who can oversee companies’ computing strategies. The BLS schemes careers in computer and info technology to grow 12% from 2018-2028, which is much earlier than the national regular.

An MBA in info technology combines information in business organization with modern computing ideas, giving students the skills to mix technology into business operations. Most packages cover advanced topics in organization, organization, and other approximately appropriate business concepts. Scholars also gain IT skills such as network administration, information security, and software architecture, building technical knowledge to bolster their leadership skills.

An MBA in information technology makes graduates for a diversity of mid- and high-level leadership locations. Given the extensive use of technology, scholars can typically follow careers with numerous types of organizations. The highest-paying vocations, such as chief technology major, often require many years of knowledge.

Chief Technology Officer$108,000$133,000$159,000
Director of Information Systems$75,000$100,000$110,000
Information Technology Manager$67,000$79,000$94,000


Information Security

Information security purposes similarly to info technology, but with a emphasis on securing digital material and computer networks for governments of all types and dimensions. The need of securing data, joined with increases in cyber attacks and other forms of numerical crime, have led to high request for info security professionals. The BLS projects jobs for info security analysts to grow an amazing 32% from 2018-2028, outstripping most other vocation paths even within the thriving info technology field.

An MBA in info security prepares beginners to develop, tool, and manage an organization’s computer networks and safety protocols. Many alumnae pursue an variety of positions in info security, network administration, and info technology management. Databases typically feature an impression of advanced commercial and management principles lengthways with more technical sequences focusing on net security practices.

An MBA in info security prepares alumnae for many high-paying safety and management roles, though applicants typically need wide professional experience to loan to the highest-paying locations.

Information Security Manager$93,000$109,000$119,000
Network Architect$89,000$110,000$123,000
Information Systems Manager$67,000$80,000$93,000


Human Resources

By focusing on the management of staffs within organizations, human resources (HR) managers ensure worker gratification and output through effective workplace rules and systems. At the uppermost levels of administration, they may direct an administration’s overall HR strategy, design worker hiring and firing events, create and issue presentation assessments, tool pay and benefits schemes, and develop procedures for speaking workplace issues.

As an MBA attentiveness, HR focuses on the diverse dimensions of worker management, including labor relatives, organizational growth, and performance organization. MBA candidates gain the skills essential to negotiate the needs of officialdoms and their staffs, with an emphasis on effective communication and administration systems that meet legal and professional standards.

Given the extensive need for their skills, HR managers can find service with almost any type of organization. The BLS projects locations for HR managers to grow 7% from 2018-2028, which is somewhat faster than the nation-wide average.

Human Resources Manager$59,000$68,000$73,000
Human Resources Director$65,000$81,000$94,000
Compensation and Benefits Manager$73,000$85,000$96,000

Healthcare Management

The fast growth of the healthcare field has led to a request for qualified bosses who can apply business values to healthcare administration and distribution of services. MBAs in healthcare administration have grown to meet this need, and scholars who pursue this attentiveness can expect strong job prospects upon advancement. The BLS projects positions for medicinal and health services directors to grow 18% from 2018-2028, a rate about triple the nationwide average.

An MBA in healthcare emphases on general organization principles along with specialized topics in healthcare management, such as health finance, healthcare law, and healthcare informatics. These packages prepare learners to achieve healthcare workers and services. Scholars examine overall business subjects such as advertising and finance, as well as particular industry concerns such as cover billing and hospital processes.

Healthcare MBA alumni can manage operations in a variety of locations, counting hospitals, clinics, community health centers, and insurance activities.

Executive Medical DirectorN/A$275,000$316,000
Hospital Administrator$80,000$90,000$90,000
Program Director, Healthcare$69,000$78,000$88,000

Real Estate

One of the more particular MBA concentrations, real estate smears the principles of business and management to the actual estate market. These packages teach students how to analyze market tendencies and supervise real plantation projects.

Real estate MBA programs build overall business and organization skills along with specialized information relevant to the real estate market, such as real plantation laws and agreements and real estate growth. Students learn to analyze market tendencies in relation to real estate and stuff development. Sequences often highlight issues such as population behavior, service trends, and city planning.

Given the specialism of the degree, real estate MBA alumnae most commonly find service with real estate and stuff firms, though they may also follow careers in other sectors where stuff transactions come into play, such as money. At the uppermost levels, real estate MBAs may achieve firms or specific company divisions, such as actual estate acquisitions.

Vice President, Real Estate Acquisitions$95,000$121,000$147,000
Real Estate Development Manager$76,000$95,000$117,000
Senior Financial Analyst$76,000$82,000$87,000



International Business/Global Management

A globalized business market has augmented demand for specialists who can supervise operations both nationally and abroad. International commercial and management concentrations highlight organization skills in a global context and highlight the unique challenges of operating in distant markets.

This concentration explores the diverse global business market. Candidates prepare to work with U.S. businesses operating abroad and foreign businesses operating in the United States. Global business MBAs cover themes such as supply chain logistics, organizational organization, finance, and marketing, but with an stress on international operations. Most packages also inspect international trade and asset regulations, often with an emphasis on exact worldwide markets such as Europe or Asia.

At the entry- and mid-level, applicants may follow positions such as global sales manager and global trade and compliance manager. At advanced levels, MBA alumnae may manage global accounts or direct global processes.

Global Account Manager$79,000$94,000$112,000
Global Program Director$88,000$94,000$140,000
International Sales Manager$59,000$76,000$92,000

Tuition for MBA Programs in Wisconsin

If you plan on presence an MBA package, it’s best to start rational about fiscal accountability. A prospective B-Student wants to weigh their tuition choices. An AACSB-accredited MBA program can pave the way for a countless starting pay or career progression. An online MBA package can provide the flexibility of implementation a program while being working in your respective career.

An MBA program in Wisconsin will cost you amid $12,663 to $97,933 each year contingent on how you calculate tuition as in-state, out-of-state, or out-of-country. Implementation your MBA in Wisconsin will cost, on average, for in-state tuition, $26,591

  • Lowest: $12,663 from University of Wisconsin-Parkside
  • Highest: $50,163 from University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Average: $26,591 from Wisconsin’s 10 MBA Programs
  • Average: $34,774 from 172 Online MBA Programs

Tuition Costs

GMAT Scores for MBA Programs in Wisconsin

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a consistent examination used by MBA schools to assess their candidate pool. The test is deliberately designed to amount an applicant’s analytical, verbal, writing and exact skills. The GMAT is used as a forecaster of success in MBA programs and tests one’s aptitude to successfully handle the progressive measurable and qualitative study of business and organization.

To be putative into an MBA program in Wisconsin you will vital a minimum GMAT notch of 543.00. The regular GMAT score for getting into a Wisconsin MBA program is 576.90.

  • Lowest: 543 from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Highest: 658 from University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Average: 577 from Wisconsin’s 10 MBA Programs
  • Average: 553 from 172 Online MBA Programs

Top MBA Concentrations Available in Wisconsin

Highly competitive B-Schools employee part-time and full-time lecturers that are both academic and industry influencers. They are the topic matter experts in their respective absorptions. To meet the varied needs of Wisconsin businesses, MBA packages here have risen to the test by offering you an array of additional than 38 MBA concentrations counting:

  • Finance: 13
  • Accounting: 12
  • Marketing: 12
  • Management: 10
  • General Business: 10
  • International Business: 10
  • Information Systems: 9
  • Economics: 9
  • Entrepreneurship: 9
  • Supply Chain: 7

Now are the top schools contribution the widest variety of attentions to choose from comprise:

  • University of Wisconsin-Parkside: 21
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison: 20
  • Marquette University: 18
  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater: 17
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: 16
  • University of Wisconsin Oshkosh: 15
  • University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point: 11
  • University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire: 10
  • University of Wisconsin-La Crosse: 8
  • University of Wisconsin-River Falls: 8

Student Enrollment for Wisconsin MBA Programs

The rank of networking, whether it’s by way of site job fairs, student group members, or faculty mentorship, must not be understated. The regular MBA enrolment size has a straight impact on your studies, your job forecasts, and your aptitude to define your vocation goals.

Full- & Part-Time MBA Scholar Enrollment

Every B-School has a plan behind their enrolment sizes. If a potential B-Student is looking for networking chances, wants to attend job carnivals, and plans on connection scholar governments, B-School enrollment size theatres an important role in the choice making process. For the B-Student absorbed in the lesser cohort-style schoolroom knowledge and thrive with face-to-face teamwork with their professors, a wieldy enrollment size is the favoured option.

For Wisconsin state’s MBA programs, the range for full-time enrolment is amid 66 and 386. For part-time enrollment, the range is between 47 and 710.

  • Lowest: 66 from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Highest: 386 from University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Average: 191 from Wisconsin’s 10 MBA Programs
  • Average: 221 from 172 Online MBA Programs

This is it in MBA Programs in Wisconsin | Easy Scholarships for International Students | Easy Scholarships for International Scholars | The Highest Paying MBA Concentrations | Tuition for MBA Programs in Wisconsin | GMAT Scores for MBA Programs in Wisconsin . Check More on Study Abroad


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