Scholarships in Canada for International Students: Types, Application, Eligibility, Award

Scholarships in Canada

If you are a global student looking to study in Canada, make certain you check out which scholarships are accessible to you from organizations and universities

Very tall mountains, fresh air, azure lakes, abundant wildlife, huge universities…Canada attract thousands of global students annually and for excellent reason.  

Though, what isn’t so immense is the quantity that it costs to study there. Tuition fees are quite high and in various huge cities the cost of living in Canada can be quite costly too. Elevated costs of living can often put global students off studying overseas.  

There is abundance of government-funded opportunities that students can relate for as well as scholarship funds from universities.   Here’s a wide collection of scholarships that are accessible to global students looking to study in Canada

Types of Scholarships in Canada

University scholarships

Nearly all universities will present some type of economic assist for global students, so your organization of selection should be your first port of call when allowing for funding.  

Financial scholarships 

These scholarships are based on the economic necessitate of the students. The majority of these are only accessible for US inhabitants but a few universities will give out needs-based scholarships to global students. 

Merit scholarships 

For students who are either academically gifted, was zenith sports players in elevated school or excelled in community or entrepreneurial work.      

Country-based scholarships 

These scholarships are directly targeted at students from developing countries in particular. 

Government-funded scholarships 

The Canadian government offers numerous scholarship programmes for global students, some of which are scheduled below. 

Privately funded scholarships 

Occasionally private businesses or donors will finance scholarships for global students. These are also more probable to be targeted at rising countries and underground groups, or in precise areas of study. 

Part scholarships 

These can vary from a small one-off payment students can employ towards their fees or a better payment that is spread out to cover definite costs of going to university.  

Government & private scholarships

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships 

These were formed to draw and keep hold of world-class doctoral students. The scholarship is worth cost of CAD$50,500 (£32,000) annually for three consecutive years and can be used towards a doctoral degree or united master’s and PhD.  

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships 

These are accessible to global students doing postgraduate (PG) study in usual and social sciences or health sciences.  

IDRC Doctoral Research Awards 

These are for students from rising countries that are previously studying at a university in Canada.  

NSERC Postgraduate (PG) Scholarships 

There are a no. of Canadian government scholarships for students choosing to study in natural sciences or engineering. 

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships 

These are release to overseas students applying to a doctoral program in the social sciences and humanities. The yearly value is up to $60,500 per scholar for a greatest of 3 years.  

University scholarships 

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships 

Scholarships in Canada for International Students

These scholarships at the University of Toronto plan to recognize global students who show outstanding scholastic attainment. The scholarship will cover tuition, books, incidental fees and full house hold for 4 years. 

Humber College International Entrance Scholarships

For graduate certificate, diploma and advanced diploma students joining Humber in May, September and January. The funding equates to CAD $2,000 off student’s tuition fees over the course of their first year of studies. 

York University International Student Scholarship Programme 

These scholarships are worth price of CAD$60,500-$105,000 for a four-year degree programme for global students who have displayed scholastic excellence. The university is also offering bursaries for global student who have faced unexpected costs due to Corona.  

University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Students 

The university dedicates more than $11 million yearly towards awards, scholarships and extra forms of financial aid for global undergraduate (UG) students. 

Carleton University Entrance Scholarships for International Students

Carleton University offers limited scholarships worth $4,500 – $16,500 to students who get together the admission average criteria of 82% and above.  

University of Manitoba graduate fellowships 

These awards are release to students of any nationality who have applied to be full-time graduate students at the University of Manitoba. They are respected at $18,900 annually for PhD students or $14,500 annually for master’s students.  

University of Waterloo Master’s Awards of Excellence 

The master’s of excellence awards are release to global master’s students starting a research based graduate (UG) programme. Students will obtain $2,800 per term for a highest of 5 months.  

University of Calgary Graduate awards 

There are a no. funding opportunities for global students of up to $40,500.  

University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarships 

Scholarships are specified to global students from undergraduate (UG) level up to PhD. The prize is a unfinished tuition fee waiver of $3,900.

As an overseas student, you must assemble such requirements in order to obtain a scholarship in Canada. Though the total eligibility for every scholarship you decide to apply for can differ, there are sure universal criteria that foreign students should be conscious of:

  • Language Proficiency: Since English is not most foreign students’ primary language, ahead stronger language skills or skill scores on exams include the IELTS/TOEFL increases the chances of getting a scholarship to study in Canada.
  • Academic excellence: Students applying for scholarships to study in Canada must have well-built academic qualifications. The bulk of the grants are merit-based, which ensures the economic assist can be provided to worthy candidates.
  • Extracurricular Indulgence: Any scholarships for overseas students in Canada take into account their helper work and additional activities. This is also the case for stream-specific scholarships, like those for common work and other connected services. Job experience in the industry is a bonus and hence becomes one of the most significant qualifying necessities.

University Canada West (UCW) entrance awards, scholarships and grants are accessible to fresh students applying to a UCW undergraduate (UG) or graduate program.

You can obtain only ONE (1) award, scholarship or award and one ongoing student award if qualified. Assessment the circumstances of every option cautiously and provide ALL of the necessary supporting documentation for those scholarships, awards or grants for which you desire to be measured. A restricted number of every award, scholarship or grant will be accessible every term.

Awards will be applied to your education at UCW on a prorated basis all through the period of the award. In added words, the award will be accredited to your tuition every term based on the number of courses in which you list OR as indicated in the exact necessities and circumstances of the award.

The worth of an award, scholarship or allowance will not be more than the price of your education. The utmost award value for convey students will be prorated based on the number of credits necessary to finish your degree. The subsequent courses are not generally qualified for award, scholarship or allowance tuition disbursements: New Student Orientation; ENGL 080; and any replicate course attempts.

Award, scholarship and allowance recipients are predictable to work as ambassadors for UCW and contribute in outreach and alumni appointment initiatives in their home area once the award is approved.

The given below global student awards are awarded mechanically and do not need a scholarship claim:

·       Americas Tuition

·       European Grant

·       Middle East Regional Grant

·       Pathway to Knowledge Bursary

·       Southeast Asia (SEA) Regional Grant

·       Second Language Excellence Scholarship

·       Scholarships for Academic Excellence

·       Special Targeted Regional Award Program

·       Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Regional Grant

Outstanding International Student Award

The Outstanding International Student (OIS) Award is an once, merit-based entrance scholarship awarded to skilled students when they are accessible admission to UBC. Students chosen for this award show power academically and exhibit taking part exterior of the classroom. 

Eligibility Criteria

To be well thought-out for an OIS Award, you have to:

  • Be fresh to UBC, incoming straightforwardly from secondary school or post-secondary (university or college).
  • Be a global student studying at UBC on a Canadian study permit (Canada student visa). (Changes to your nationality status will influence your scholarship eligibility.)
  • Display stupendous academic attainment and strong supplementary involvement.
  • Not be chosen for a need-and-merit-based global Scholars award.
  • Apply to UBC by January 15.

How to apply

If you apply to UBC till January 15, you will be involuntarily well thought-out for the OIS Award.

Scholarship status

You will be consider for this scholarship soon after you obtain a proposal of admission to UBC. Scholarship decisions are prepared between mid-March to the end of April every year.

Types of Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Although studying in Canada is more affordable than in many other countries, it can still get quite expensive for international students. With tuition often costing tens of thousands of dollars per year, many students are on tight budgets. The good news is there are many scholarship options for international students studying in Canada.

Scholarships are a great way to bring your education costs down, but the way these awards work can be confusing. To help you make sense of the various kinds of financial help accessible, we’ve broken down the diverse types of scholarships accessible to global students in Canada!

Merit Scholarships

A merit scholarship is awarded based on a student’s altitude of success and does not attain economic status into thought. These awards are usually given out to students with a high level of attainment in athletics, the arts, academics, or wonderful community work.

University/College Scholarships

Nearly all universities and colleges offer their own scholarships to students. A lot of these are entrance scholarships, meaning students don’t require to apply in order to be well thought-out for the award. Always be certain to ensure your school’s official website to observe what kind of economic aid they propose.

Financial Scholarships

Also recognized as bursaries, economic scholarships are given to students who exhibit economic necessitate. Almost a lot of these awards are only accessible to Canadian residents; there are several for global students as well. Once more, check with your university or college to observe if you are qualified or not.

Government-funded Scholarships

These are scholarships made accessible to global students by the Canadian government. These government scholarships are accessible at both the undergraduate (UG) and graduate level. Visit EduCanada to hunt for accessible fellowships, scholarships, and further funding opportunities.

Country-based Scholarships

A Country-based scholarship is awarded to students from precise rising countries or regions. Previous this year, Global Affairs Canada launched a program with 655 short-term exchange scholarships for Latin American and Carribean students. Visit EduCanada for a filled list of presently existing country-based scholarships.

Privately Funded Scholarships

There are a lot of businesses and personal donors who set up scholarships for students. Frequently, these awards are targeted towards particular areas of study, so ensure with your faculty association to notice if there are any existing at your school.

Graduate Scholarships

In addition to undergraduate (UG) scholarships, there are many economic awards accessible to students studying at the graduate point. Some well-liked ones in Canada comprise:

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

One of Canada’s most beneficial scholarships, this award is for doctoral students. Its worth price $50,500 anually for three years and can be used towards a doctoral degree or mutual master’s and Ph.D. The Canadian government introduced the Vanier Scholarship to aid draw and keep hold of world-class Ph.D. students, and found Canada as a worldwide leader in research and senior education.

Only 168 of these scholarships are awarded yearly and students must show academic excellence, investigate potential and guidance qualities in order to be qualified.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

This scholarship is for global students in postgraduate (PG) natural and social sciences or wellbeing sciences. The companionship is treasured at $70,500 annually, for a maximum of 2 years. 70 fellowships are awarded every year, with a total of up to 142 awards lively at any time. To find out further about the application timetable, visit the Government of Canada official website.

NSERC Postgraduate (PG) Scholarships

This scholarship is for global students in postgraduate (PG) natural science or engineering programs. The award provides students with $21,500 annually for three years. For more details, visit NSERC’s official website.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

This Scholarship is funded by the local government and is a merit-based scholarship accessible to all students – counting global students – in all disciplines of scholastic study. The award is prized at $10,100 for two successive study terms and $15,200 for three successive study terms.

To be eligible, students must:

  • Be enrolled in graduate (UG) studies at the master’s or doctoral stage.
  • Be enrolled in a full-time program for two or more terms (21 to 52 weeks in total) for the scholastic year you’re submitting your request for.
  • Attend one of the subsequent participating Ontario schools:
    • York University
    • Brock University
    • Trent University
    • Carleton University
    • University of Guelph
    • Lakehead University
    • Laurentian University
    • Nipissing University
    • OCAD University
    • University of Ottawa
    • Queen’s University
    • Ryerson University
    • University of Toronto
    • University of Waterloo
    • Western University
    • University of Windsor
    • Wilfrid Laurier University
    • University of Ontario Institute of Technology

To discover how to apply for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, confirm with your school’s Graduate Studies Office for further information.

How to search scholarships in Canada for international students?

Majorly you can either select to glance for funding options presented by the home country to students preparing to study overseas. In this case, you can get in touch with the immigration, home affairs, or external affairs department of your residence country. 

You can also benefit of government, non-government, or institutional scholarships to study in Canada. For the previous two types of scholarships, you can discover the Government of Canada Global Scholarships or International Council for Canadian Studies. Given below are the steps on finding the precise scholarship in Canada for you:

  1. Begin the search as soon as you apply. Look for all the options accessible- government, non-government, university-specific, and many more.
  2. Talk with your university/colleges to find out what all scholarships are presently open for applications.
  3. Do further research, if necessary contact counselors, and many more. 
  4. Make applications for scholarships before deadlines come near.
  5. Make sure your scores for tests necessary to study in Canada are competitive and superior. 

What are the criteria for applying for scholarships in Canada for international students?

Scholarships in Canada

To acquire any scholarship in Canada as a global student, one has to make sure that they carry out firm criteria. Though for every human being scholarship that you desire to benefit, the general eligibility will differ but a few general requirements that global students must stay in mind are given below:

  • Academic brilliance: Applicants for scholarships to study in Canada make certain that they have fine scholastic scores. Most of the scholarships are merit-based, which means, financial support will be accessible to praiseworthy students. 
  • Language Proficiency: Since most global students do not have English as their first language, having improved language skills or proficiency scores on exams such as IELTS/TOEFL enhances your chances of receiving a scholarship to study in Canada.
  • Extracurricular Indulgence: Few scholarships in Canada for global students also believe students’ participation in volunteering and additional activities. This is frequently a case with stream detailed scholarships, like programs such as social work, an many more. The work experience in the field is an additional experienceand hence, becomes one of the main eligibility criterion. 

Government Scholarships in Canada for International Students

The sum of money accessible and type of award varies between a variety of institutions. Receiving a scholarship is spirited and so, you must relate well to the front in time. We suggest you to create with the process about 8-12 months before the favored intake begin. 

Some well-liked government-funded scholarships accessible for Indian students to study in Canada are given below:

S. No.Scholarship NameExplanation
1Shastri Indo-Canadian InstituteOffers different fellowships at diverse levels from graduate (UG) to post-doctorate (PG) and from research to training fellowships
 Shastri Research Student Fellowship: For students enrolled in Bachelors, Masters, M.Phil degree programmes in renowned Indian universities or institutions to carry out research in their attracted areas/ fields in a Canadian university
 Qualified students can also chase an e-course (module/part of a course), or do an e-internship at Canadian universities, which comes under SICI network
 The value of this fellowship is CAD 500-1,200 (expenses that are not provided by the applicant’s home institution, and connected to subscription of online meeting software, internet connection, telephone bills, association fee or registration fee to access library or lab facility will be measured, if any)
 The period is up to 8-12 weeks for students 
2Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship PlanThis scheme identifies students with elevated intellect from Commonwealth countries applying to programs of superior study and research at the Master and PhD level  The award comprises travel, living payment and the obligatory tuition feesIt includes Graduate Students Exchanges (GSEP), which offer $10,200 for transportation, living and additional expenses in Canada for 5-6 months
3Ontario Graduate Scholarship ProgramFor graduate students in a broad variety of disciplines
 As a pre-requisite to applying, students must admit an proposal from a university in Ontario and attain a suitable study permit 
 The scholarship amount is $5,200 per session. So, you may receive $10,300 (two successive sessions); $15,100 (three consecutive sessions). In all, the unit will bound itself to one-third of the cost of the sum award to be received by you
 Every award is tenable for one year (two to three scholastic sessions). The value and duration are determined by the awarding graduate unit and thorough of which will be mentioned in your present letter
 Deadlines are set by the present or proposed graduate unit 
4National Research Council of Canada (NRCC)Research associate ship is accessible to master’s degree holders in engineering and PhD holders in natural science or engineering disciplines
5Quebec Provincial Government ScholarshipFor students studying in QuebecEconomic help to students at master’s level (PG) or aboveEvery request is assessed on its meritValue and period are resolute as per the level of study.Doctoral program: $25,100 annually and period is up to 3 years with a possible extension to it of one yearPostdoctoral scholarships: $35,100 for one year and can’t be transformedShort-term research or professional growth scholarship: $3,100 every month for 4 months
6Ontario Trillium ScholarshipForemost announced in November 2010 for doctoral students from about the world to study in OntarioEvery scholarship is worth $40,100 yearly, renewable for a utmost of four years75 scholarships are awarded every yearOntario universities are responsible for selecting and awarding the scholarship to global PhD students based on merit and program criteria
7Partnership Grants by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of CanadaFor PhD aspirantsSupports latest or accessible research initiatives in social sciences and humanitiesValue up to CAD 20,100Duration: 4 to 7 years
8Banting Postdoctoral FellowshipsAccessible by the Canadian government to global students to follow postgraduate (PG) program within the natural science, social sciences or healthcare researchThis Postdoctoral Fellowship is value $70,100 yearly (taxable) for 2 yearsClosing date for this scholarship is 1st October 2021
9Vanier Canada Graduate ScholarshipsThis scholarship is awarded by Government of Canada to praiseworthy students who seek to follow a doctoral degree at a Canadian institutionDuration is for 3 years (non-renewable) and amount is 50,100 CAD yearlyClosing date is November 3, 2021

Non-Governmental Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Several non-government scholarships are also accessible for you to study in Canada:

S. No.Scholarship NameExplanation
1Anne Vallee Ecological FundThese scholarships are designated for global students to bear them undertake animal research at master or doctoral program in Québec or British Columbia UniversityThis finance offers two $1,510 scholarship
2Trudeau Scholarships and FellowshipsThese are accessible to global students at doctorate level for some precise Canadian institutions The amount is $40,100 yearly for three years; and $20,100 yearly for three years, as research and travel paymentDeadline: Mid Fall Session, your IDP counsellor can aid you with the application procedure 

Many Canadian universities and colleges also have their have possession of list of scholarships for Indian students. Don’t concerns if you get trapped anywhere, our global education experts will be more than pleased to direct you through.

Institutional Scholarships in Canada for International Students

There are a limited number of Canada Scholarships compared to the fat number of USA scholarships, UK scholarships, or Australia scholarships that are accessible for overseas students.  To aid you in your hunt, it has compiled links to complete and partial scholarships in Canada for global students.

International Undergraduate Scholarships in Canada

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships

This Scholarship Program at the University of Toronto is planned to distinguish worldwide students who reveal outstanding scholastic accomplishment and creativity and who are renowned as leaders in their school.  The scholarship will cover incidental fees, tuition, books, and full habitation support for four years.

York University International Student Scholarship Program

Global students who have an outstanding scholastic record and admitted to York University are qualified for scholarships value $60,100 – $100,500 for a four-year degree program.

University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Students

UBC recognizes the scholastic achievement of stupendous students from around the world by devoting more than $10 million CAD yearly to awards, scholarships and other forms of financial help for global undergraduate (UG) students.

Carleton Prestige Scholarships

It offers the subsequent Prestige scholarships to exceptional incoming undergraduate (UG) students with an admission average of 90% enhanced. The Richard Lewar Entrance Scholarship, the Carleton University Scholarship of Excellence, the Carleton University SHAD Scholarship, the Chancellor’s Scholarship, have a worth of CAD 20,100-30,100 while  the Riordon Scholarship, and the Collins Prestige Scholarship covers complete tuition fees for 4 years.

Calgary International Entrance Scholarships

 The University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship is a prominent award that recognizes marvelous activities of a global student opening their undergraduate (UG) studies at the University. The entire amount over 4 years of undergraduate (UG) program is $60,200.

Winnipeg President’s Scholarships for World Leaders

The University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship for World Leaders is awarded to global students incoming any of the University’s divisions for the initial time. The scholarship ranges from $3,600 – $5,200.

Humber College International Entrance Scholarships

It offers renewable complete and incomplete tuition scholarships to NEW global students opening classes in September and January of every year.

International Graduate Scholarships in Canada

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

It was shaped to draw and preserve world-class doctoral students and to begin Canada as a global centre of superiority in research and superior learning.  The scholarships are a doctoral degree (or joint MA/PhD or MD/PhD) at arriving Canadian Universities.  The scholarship is value $50,200 yearly for three years.

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

These are awards that are based on merit that are open to students of any nationality who will be registered as full-time graduate students (Masters or Ph.D.) at the University of Manitoba.  The fellowships are prized at $18,100 for PhD students, or $14,100 for Master’s students for a one year.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships

The scholarships are open to overseas nationals (with a preference for candidates from the rising world) who are applying to a doctoral program in the social sciences and humanities or registered full-time in the primary or second year of such a program at a Canadian university.  Its annual value is up to $60,200 per scholar for a maximum of three years.

 University of Waterloo Master’s Awards

The global Master’s Award of Excellence (IMAE) will be awarded to trained global master’s students usually entering a research-based graduate program at the University of Waterloo. The prize will be respected at $2,650 per term for a most of 5 terms.

University of Calgary Graduate Awards

It offers a wide variety of entire and partial scholarships for worldwide students. Scholarship worth range from $1,200 to $40,400 and covers varied fields of study.

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